OMAD diet plan

The One Meal A Day (OMAD) diet is a very extreme version of the time-restricted eating. its like intermittent fasting. However, unlike the intermittent fasting, which usually allows a four or eight-hour eating window in it. the OMAD diet has an only one-hour eating window. So you fast for theContinue Reading

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgeryis a surgical procedure suitable for the correction of about 90% of poor eyesight. The procedure is a safe one and offers outstanding results. It is also one of the most common elective surgical procedures performed in our clinic and worldwide. What is involved in LASIK eye surgery?Continue Reading

Essential Oils for Curing Erectile Dysfunction

The ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is an extremely common sexual syndrome occurring in males today. It is considered as the incapability of men to reach out and sustain an erection which is required for adequate sexual activity. There are many causative factors of impotence but the good thing is that it canContinue Reading

How Can Children Develop Naturally Straight Teeth

As parents, we wish to give our children the most suitable environment to grow and flourish. From their physical wellbeing to their significant mental development, we make every effort to craft their upbringing in the best possible manner. One of the considerations which top our list is their appearance andContinue Reading

Causes, Treatments Tips for hair loss

Losing a couple of strands in the day while brushing is typical. However, when you begin to see hair wherever in your home, does it stun you? We know precisely how you feel about managing hair fall. That is the reason we addressed hair care specialists at SkinKraft to takeContinue Reading