Weight loss Regime

The Best Weight loss Regime for Bodybuilding

Indulging in a bodybuilding weight loss program is your best bet to lose all the excess fat on your body and get in shape. Diet plays the most important role when it comes to bodybuilding and weight training. Apart from diet, you cannot deny the importance of exercise. With the help of cardio, high-protein low-fat diet, and weight training could substantially assist you in losing weight and build muscles.

Here are some steps you can incorporate into your bodybuilding regimen to lose weight in the best way possible as well as enhanced muscle tone:

For 5 to 6 Days a week Consume Fewer Calories than Your Body Burns

First of all, you should consume about 500 calories less than what your body burns in such a way that it does not create a caloric deficit. Also, make sure that you increase your calories by 500-700 calories over the weekend over the maintenance amount so that your metabolism from slowing down.

Small Frequent Meals All Day Long

Usually, bodybuilders start a crash diet that involves eating once or twice a day. This also involves increasing cardiovascular activity. This both lowers metabolism and makes you lose muscle as well. And you cannot afford to do that if you are seriously into bodybuilding goal.

To endure that metabolism goes at full spend and keep the blood sugar levels under control. This keeps your cravings at bay and also keeps your energy levels high. The best way is to have about five to six small balanced meals in a day. And each meal should contain a specific ration of carbs, proteins, and fats. 

Metabolisms tend to differ but you should see that you follow this ratio:

  • 40-45% Carbs
  • 40-35% Protein
  • 20% of Fats

Ensuring this ratio is great for keeping blood sugar and insulin in check. This leads to fostering a hormonal environment ideal for fat loss and muscle growth.

Tea before Bed

This is an easy and effective tip. Before you head to bed, have a cup of tea at least half an hour before going to bed. Instead of regular tea, try herbal tea. Herbal/green tea comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from helping you with weight loss, it also cleanses the body from impurities and helps with digestion.

Focus on Weight Training

For permanent fat loss, gaining muscle is very important. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. Also, gaining muscle is an integral part of achieving that firm and toned body you dream of. And this is not possible with merely relying on cardio and dieting.

Exercise on Empty Stomach in the Morning

For the quickest fat loss, exercising on an empty stomach is one of the most effective methods. When you sleep, the glycogen reserves in your body are exhausted during sleep. And the body relies on burning fats for fuel. Also, you have the entire day to eat, recover, and grow.

If it is difficult for you to train right in the morning, try doing a 20-min intense aerobic activity in the form of a brisk walk or a bike ride. An abdominal exercise is done in superset style for 5 to 10 minutes. This way, you have about 25 to 30 minutes of aerobic work that would give your fat burning mechanisms a jump-start early in the day.

Consume as much water as you Can

When you are just a beginner in bodybuilding and have begun dieting as well, you tend to count every calorie present in the food you consume. But at the same time, many forget that sodas, fruit juices, and other kinds of beverages also come with calories. So avoid drinking those beverages that have calories and drink plain water. Water comes with plenty of benefits and is essential for your skin and a healthy metabolism. You must stay hydrated since you have a lot of perspiration because of heavy training. 

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