How to do Candle Manicure to Moisturize the Skin in winters?

How to do Candle Manicure to Moisturize the Skin in winters?

In cold weather the temperature of the atmosphere is very low, due to which the problem of stomach in the skin is common. During this time, skin needs moisture, that is, the need for moisturizing. Often, due to the lack of moisture in the winter, the lips start to burst and white cracks begin to fall. Apart from this, the edges of the legs also start to burst. Therefore, this season does not benefit from the common manicure-Padicure, but a special type of Manicure-Padicure is needed. In this way you can use Candle Therapy. Let’s tell you how to do Candle Manicure.

What is candle manicure-padicure?

Apart from wax, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E and essential oils are used to make this candle. Such candles are also available in the market and you can make them at home too. For this, mix the normal candles and add the favorite oils. Massaging from the candle is a great way to stimulate skin nutrition, exfoliate and skin cell regeneration.

How to do candle manicure-padicure?

Manicure-Padicure is introduced in simple way during candle therapy. Manicure-Padicure First of all, the nails include cutting, filing, shaping, cutting and cleansing of crematorium and cleaning. After that the special candle is melted and burnt. After melting, its wax is used as a scrub. This gives rise to Dead Skin. Then clean the skin with the hot tower rap. After that the cream is melted by burning the candle again to make it. The cream made from this wax is used to moisturize properly. After that the skin brightening pack is used for hands and feet. These candle therapy provides more moisture to your hands feet.