Know the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Hysteria

Know the Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Hysteria

In the hysteria, without any physical impairment, the patient experiences serious symptoms related to the nervous system with the brain. For example, frequent fainting or suffocation of the victim’s person and cramping of hands and feet. Since the patient is physically healthy Therefore, all kinds of tests related to these symptoms and discomfort such as cat scans, ECG and other tests do not show any diminished. Psychiatric hysteria is a serious problem, but it can be controlled by implementing some suggestions.

Causes of Hysteria

Hysteria is caused due to any stress that is running in the patient’s conscious or unconscious mind. Often, when there is no other way left for the patient to get out of stress, then he is able to stay away from hysteria seizures. Hysteria patients are very stubborn and angry and whenever they do not conform to their mind, they become very disturbed and they get scabbed in a short while.

Treatment of Hysteria

Since all the symptoms of hysteria seem to be in some form like a serious brain or neurological illness. In such a case it is necessary to examine the patient with the help of a skilled doctor. When there is no shortage of tests done by the doctor, then the treatment of this disease should be treated with the help of psychiatrist.

Psychotherapy in Hysteria

Since this disease is directly related to the ongoing tension in the conscious and unconscious mind. In this case, psychotherapy is the main place. During psychotherapy, stubbornness, anger, emotional instability and impulse are identified with the tension prevailing in the mind of the patient and the correct ways of dealing with it are suggested. The association of family members is essentially taken in psychiatry. It is also explained to the family about what to do or should not do during the hysteria visit.

Anti-depressant medicines are also given to the patient to overcome depression, depression and emotional instability with hysteria.

Symptoms of Hysteria Seizures

  1. The patient suddenly or suddenly becomes unconscious when the hysteria seizures occur. During this time his breath continues.

  2. The victim’s body gets loose and the teeth are tightly frozen.
  3. There are strokes in the hands and feet and the body, and the body cramps.
  4. The unconscious state of the patient can last from a few minutes to a few hours. After that the patient sat up and sat down and behaves like this, as if nothing happened to him. Sometimes the patient gets the sensation by sprinkling water or pressing the nose.

  5. The patient accepts deep breaths and keeps on chest and throat, and it appears that the patient is suffocating.

  6. Sometimes the hands and feet of the patient fall loose like a paralytic person. The patient can not walk for a few hours.
  7. Sudden withdrawal of sound from the throat.

All these symptoms are temporary and after some time themselves become well.