Hippocampus - Very Important Part of the Brain

Hippocampus – Very Important Part of the Brain

You have ever wondered why we get good sleep at night, why do birds ask about sunrise and sunset, why do some flowers always bloom in the morning or evening, how does the fixed interval of time in women’s monthly cycle persist? . The answer to all such questions is hidden in the fact that all living things on earth, including humans and animals, have their own body clock, which operates according to the natural clock, that is, the speed and growth of the sun. This symmetry of the body with nature is called circadian rhythm in the language of medical science, which is responsible for many physical and mental changes in a person.

Understand Body Clock Language

The functioning of the body clock can be understood in such a way that there is an intuitive system in the structure of all the organisms, which determines the timing of various physical functions such as its sleeping awakening. Nearly 20,000 neurons are present in the human brain called the hypothalamus, which is known as SCN (supraachiasomatic nucleus). These neurons have direct contact with optic nerve and from there they get instructions for working. The brightness of the sun increases the activation of the SCN. It starts sleeping in the morning.

The rhythm is right

Our Body Clock receives messages from the surroundings and adjusts according to their needs. This natural rhythmic process of the body is called circadian rhythm. It also affects the secretion of food habits, digestion and hormones, during sleep-wakefulness. Due to the fast or slow motion of the body clack, the rhythm of the body gets disturbed. Due to this, physical and psychological problems like insomnia, obesity, diabetes, depression, biopolymer disorder and seasonal effector disorder can occur.

This rhythm determines the sleeping pattern of the body. Upon day, it is transmitted through the optic nerve to the brain that it should now become active. Similarly, after sunset, the amount of mercurial hormone which occurs in the brain is more susceptible to this, due to which the person sleeps. To make the body healthy and active, it is very important for the circadian rhythm to be correct.

When balance deteriorates?

Sleep disorders tend to deteriorate the body clock’s rhythm, and it also has a bad effect on physical-mental health. For those employed in the airline, who are always traveling with the aircraft to the country and abroad, their body clock cannot adjust with the changing timezone, it has many sleep related problems. For example, symptoms of headache such as swelling and headache during the day. Such a problem is called jetlag. Usually after resting, the body clock adjusts according to the new environment in two to four days, causing this problem to be solved automatically.

Apart from this, there are many problems in the circadian rhythm of those who do the shift duty, there is no fixed time for their sleeping and due to waking up in the night shift, they can eat something in the middle Feel the need They try things like coffee or cigarettes to relieve sleep. This can lead to many problems related to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and digestive tract.

How Affected Health?

If the person’s daily routine is against the body clock, then it has a bad effect on the digestive system. For example, according to the body clock, the dinner time is between seven to eight in the evening, but if a person eats something after 10 o’clock, then the brain becomes confused and does not instruct pancakes to secrete enzymes. . From this, the digestive tract is not able to function properly and the body gets fat collection. Finally, due to this the level of sugar in the body also increases. Research has shown that the adoption of long-term irregular daily routine causes changes in the structure of the existing genes in the cells, which are considered responsible for cancer. In the end, it is important to be healthy that the body’s circadian rhythm needs to be cured. For this, follow such a routine, in which your sleep-wake, food and exercise time are fixed.

Some Important Things

  1. As far as possible, try to spend more time in the sunlight, this will keep your body active all day.

  2. A hormone cartridge activating the tension between 5 to 6 a.m. becomes active, causing the person’s sleep to open. That’s why jogging, brisk walk, and exercising prove to be beneficial every morning.

  3. There is rapid change in blood pressure near 7 to 8 in the morning, the risk of heart attack or stroke is the highest in this period. Therefore patients of high blood pressure patients should not do any such work at this time, which would increase their blood pressure. About the same time around the body, blood pressure of the body becomes irregular, so people with such problems should not do any work to increase their physical fatigue or mental stress during this period.

  4. Whatever we learn during the day, during the sleep, the same things are preserved in the brain’s Hippocampus. Therefore, it is necessary for 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily for good memory.

  5. According to Body Clock, the body feels the need for a snack even in the afternoon. If possible, you can also take a ten minute power nap. After returning from school, make sure to sleep for a while, so that they stay active in the evening and they do not sleep during the study.

  6. Immune system works slow after sunset. Because of this, due to cold and cold, the problem increases in the night. To avoid such a problem, medicines must be eaten before 4 o’clock so that they start showing their effect before the evening.

At night, allergic-causing viruses are active and the levels of oxygen in the atmosphere are also slightly reduced. This increases the condition of patients with asthma, so at night, they should sleep on high pillows and sleep, so that they get enough oxygen for their lungs.