Pistachio is a Boon for High Blood Pressure Patients

Pistachio is a Boon for High Blood Pressure Patients

The problem of high blood pressure or hypertension is happening to many people today. Over the age of 40, 3 out of every 5 people are being a victim of this disease. The reason for this is a change in people’s lifestyle and eating habits. Nowadays people eat more junk foods and fast food, which leads to obesity and cholesterol problems. Apart from this, because of the excessive workload and due to race, neither people have the leisure time to exercise or release the stress. In this way, most people live with stress and depression, whose impact falls on their health. But do you know that Pistachio can easily fix the problem of your high blood pressure.

Pista has a lot of Nutritions

Pistachios contain a lot of nutrients due to which it is very beneficial for the body. Eating pistachios gives energy to your body immediately. A cup of raw pistachios contains approximately 685 calories. That gives you 67 percent better fat, 20 percent carbohydrate and 13 percent protein. Do not be alarmed by seeing the amount of fat that is 33 percent fat saturated, while the remaining fat is unsaturated, in which omega-3, omega-6 and fatty acids are found.

Apart from this, one cup pistachio contains 13 grams of fiber, 25 grams high quality protein, vitamin B6, copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. The amount of thiamine in it is also very high.

Pistachio is less blood pressure

Pistachios contain many types of antioxidants that help reduce your blood pressure. In pistachios, Lutein, Jigzenthin, Polyphenols, Vitamin C and Vitamin E have found abundance. All these elements make your blood vessels flexible and prevent blood clots from freezing. The pistachio has an element called I-Agrinase which helps in reducing blood pressure.

The immune system is strong

If our body’s immune system is strong then we can easily defend against many diseases. Vitamin B 6 is very important to increase resistance, which is found in pistachios. It is helpful in the formation of blood and the transmission of blood throughout the body. It also makes the brain active.

Pistachio enhances blood

Pistachio contains a protein called Vitamin B6, which leads to oxygen in the blood. If it is eaten every day, the amount of oxygen in the blood increases and hemoglobin also increases.

How to use?

Soak 3-4 pistachios in a glass of water and keep it for the night. At breakfast, drink these pistons and drink water and then eat the pigsty pies. By continuous use of a few days your blood pressure will decrease and you will start living a healthy life.