Yoga is Best for Heart Diseases Treatment

Yoga is Best for Heart Diseases Treatment

Do you know that people suffering from cardiovascular diseases all around the world are unable to save lives even after doing everything to their rescue. But it is possible to avoid heart disease in the daily life of yoga. Metabolism depends on our physical exertion and food received in daily life. In modern life, physical exertion is low and the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate is increasing in food.

The problem of heart attack in our country is increasing day by day. Every year about 2.5 million people go into untimely death due to heart attack. The biggest reason for the increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases is to take people’s health lightly. Nowadays, people have given more preference to their work in a runaway life. But just think, if you are not healthy then how can you work? In such a case, if you take a little time for yoga, you will be able to keep your heart tight. Let’s know who should be involved in heart disease.

1. Tadasan

Stand feet together with legs. Now with the emphasis on the claw, slowly rise up and mix both hands together and tune upwards. At this stage, the load of the whole body will be on the feet of the feet and the entire body will look straight upwards. While doing this, the stomach should be stretched inwards and the stitch should be stacked outwards. Keep the waist-neck straight. Be sure to practice this posture at least 5 times.

2. Swastikaasan

Sit in a gap or blanket. After this, fold the right foot between the knees and hold it in the normal position between the knee of the left leg and bend the left leg to the right knee and place it on the right trunk of the foot. Then put both hands on both knees and make the knowledge pose. Keeping three fingers open for the knowledge exchange and mixing thumb and kanishka. Now concentrate your mind with your eyes fixed on the next part of the nose. Now sit in this position for 10 minutes. By this yoga concentration increases and the stress of heart decreases.

3. Sarvangasana

In this seat, lie first on the back of the back of the back, then mix both feet, keep the palms of the hands together on both sides of the ground. Now with the help of hands, gradually raise the feet to 30 degrees, then 60 degrees and finally 90 degrees. This keeps your digestive power well and purifies the blood.

4. Shirshasan

While keeping both knees on the ground, the arms of the hands rest on the ground. Then mix the fingers of the fingers together with the grip, and then place the grip made palms on the ground. This will give support to the head. Then lift the knees upwards from the ground and make the legs long. Then slowly move the paws and both feet move to the claws closer to the body, i.e. near the head and then folding the feet with knees and gently lifting them upright, and completely with the force of the head the body rests. With this, blood circulation is correct as well as heart rate remains normal.