Sleep more than 9 hours can be Dangerous, These 5 Serious Diseases Can be Occur

Sleep More than 9 Hours can be Dangerous, These 5 Serious Diseases Can be Occur

You have often heard that there are many types of diseases from less sleep, but do you know that even more sleep can be dangerous for your health. The Sleep is essential for maintaining balance and balance in our body and mind. Just as less than 5 hours of sleep can give you many health related problems, even more than 9-10 hours of sleep also has a bad effect on your health. Let’s tell you what can happen to sleep more than necessary.

Heart Diseases

People who take 9 to 11 hours of sleep are more likely to have heart attacks. The heart is the most important part of our body, so it is very important to remain healthy. Although there is not much information about the sleeping connection yet, it is related to cardiovascular diseases. So do not sleep for long to keep the heart healthy.

The Risk of Diabetes

Those who take more sleep, there is more chance of having diabetes problems. If you become a victim of sleep drunkenness, then your mind remains in the sleeping state while still awake. Because of this, more sleep is harmful to your health.

Depression Status

The cause of more sleep is also depression and depression causes more sleep. Regarding this, consult a doctor once. There are many causes of depression. Many times people suffer from depression due to loneliness and only love sleep.

Weak Brain

The most direct effect of sleep is on your brain and this affects the ability to think-understand, learn ability and reasoning. In many researches, this has proved that if you take less than six hours of sleep every night, then it is very low. Similarly, if you sleep for more than eight hours every night, it means that you are getting too much sleep. Avoid doing this.

Weight Grows Fast

Due to more sleep you feel lethargic for most of the time and the energy of your body becomes transformed into fat. According to research, inactivity increases 21 percent obesity and your obesity gives open offer to other diseases. So do not sleep longer than 8 hours.