International Yoga Day 10 Benefits of Yoga which Scientists believe to be correct

International Yoga Day: 10 Benefits of Yoga, which Scientists believe to be correct

The word yoga is derived from the word utjat of Sanskrit language, which means addition. The combination of body and mind is the sum total. The group of physical, mental and spiritual exercises is called Yoga only. Under this, respiratory exercises, meditation and different types of postures are done. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, there are many benefits of mental and physical form, which science believes is right. Through this article, we are telling you 10 such benefits, which scientists have also given their approval.

1. Yoga eliminates the stress

Yoga is known to reduce stress and relax the body. Several studies have shown that yoga can reduce the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone). In this connection a study was conducted on 24 women, under which women took yoga and meditation for 3 months. After three month yoga program, women had very low levels of cortisol. The levels of stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression were also very low.

2. Yoga Relieve Anxiety

Many people do yoga to face the feelings of anxiety. The interesting thing is that in many research yoga can help reduce anxiety. In one study, 34 women participated in the Yoga class for two months to diagnose anxiety disorders. At the end of the study, there was considerable reduction in the level of anxiety among those who made the yoga. Yoga can also benefit from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

3. Reduce Body Swelling

In addition to improving mental health, some studies show that practicing yoga can reduce swelling. Actually, inflammation is a normal immune response, but chronic influenza can contribute to the development of pro-inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Therefore, by reducing inflammation or inflammation with yoga, you can get rid of these diseases.

4. Better for Heart Health

The heart supplies vital nutrients and tissues as well as pumping blood in our body. Therefore it is very important to keep the heart healthy for keeping the body healthy. Studies show that yoga can help improve heart health and reduce many risk factors for heart disease. In one study, people over 40 years of age were involved, who used to do regular yoga for the last five years. Such people’s blood pressure levels and pulse rate were normal. Hypertension is one of the main causes of heart problems, such as heart attack and stroke. Reducing your blood pressure can help reduce the risk of these problems. Some research shows that incorporating yoga in a healthy lifestyle can slow the progression of heart disease.

5. Makes body Flexible

To keep body flexible and balance right, incorporating yoga in daily routine is the best option. Recently, the study of 10 week yoga experiments on 26 male athletes of a college was studied. Compared to normal men, flexibility and balance were found in men who made yoga. There are -many benefits of yoga in older people also. Yoga was found to improve health.

6. Make Digestion Strong

Ulcer, irrelevable bowel syndrome, constipation causes stress. If you reduce stress then you can get rid of all these problems. Yoga can reduce constipation and theoretically reduce the risk of colon cancer. It has not been scientifically studied. It is easy to turn the full body from the middle; it can remove every disease of the stomach. This strengthens digestion power.

7. Yoga Increase Strength

Regular yoga can increase the body’s strength. With the body being flexible with yoga, strength also increases. In fact, yoga has specific postures designed to increase strength and build muscles. In one study, 79 adults performed 24 cycles of Surya Namaskar. He performed this action continuously for 6 weeks in 6 weeks. After that he experienced a significant increase in body strength, stamina and weight loss. There was also a decrease in body fat percentage as well.

8. Get Good Sleep

People suffering from poor sleep or long-standing problems can get many problems related to obesity, high blood pressure and depression. Studies show that incorporating yoga into your routine can help to promote better sleep. In a 2005 study, 69 elderly patients were asked to practice yoga. After this, people in this group who made yoga got the result of better sleep and comfort.

9. Away from Physical Pain

Millions of people are affected by chronic pain Due to accidental injuries and arthritis etc. people suffer from pain throughout their life. Studies show that the practice of yoga can help reduce many types of chronic pain. In one study, 42 persons had carpal tunnel syndrome, or had problems with wrist splint, which were practiced for up to eight weeks. At the end of the study, there was a great deal of relief in reducing pain.

10. Make Life happy

Yoga is spreading rapidly in the form of a supportive therapy to improve the quality of life for many individuals. In one study, 135 senior citizens were made to work for six months. After which the results were quite amazing. Yoga has improved the quality of life, along with decreased mood and fatigue.