Drink These Healthy Shake after Doing Gym for making Body Double Fastly

Drink These Healthy Shake after Doing Gym for making Body Double Fastly

If you do a gym and your body is not able to build, then there is no need to think more. For non-vendors, there are many protein-rich foods that are very beneficial in body building. But it is difficult to make a body for vegetarians. We have brought a shake for you that is more beneficial than non-profit. After taking this shake, you do not need to add any protein powder or any other. It is very easy to make this shake. We are telling you the complete way to make a healthy shake, with the help of which you can prepare it in your home.

Make these things together shake

  1. 400 grams of milk
  2. Two Bananas
  3. 2 tablespoons oats
  4. 2 tablespoons honey
  5. 200 grams Ice Cream
  6. 1 tablespoon coffee
  7. 1 teaspoon green tea leaves
  8. 1 teaspoon flax seed
  9. 10 cashew nuts
  10. 3 walnuts
  11. 1 tablespoon P nut butter or plain butter
  12. Half an apple, four strawberries, two grains cardamom and a spoonful of protein.

How does shake work?

By the way, the work of all things is mixed, but we can broadly separate them from each other. Milk, ice cream and whey are for protein-protein. Oats and bananas are for fiber and carbohydrate and apple is inserted for the vitamins. Strawberry is helpful in mucus recovery. With linseed or flax seed, you get omega three fatty acids, which are found in fish. Walnuts have been mixed for bones and for cashews and butter fat. Whereas coffee and green tea are used to accelerate antioxidants and metabolizing. The extent of the work is to sweeten shake and give you lots of calories. Cardamom is just for taste and aroma.

How to make shake

  • It is very easy to make it. Put everything in the shaker and turn the machine on.

  • Initially pour 200 grams of milk only. It will take at least five minutes to mix all the things properly.

  • If all the ingredients are mixed properly, then add the rest of the milk and run the machine again for ten seconds.

  • If it is too thick then it will be a bit lighter to put ice later. Once you make it four times, you will get an idea of how making it.

Keep this thing meditation

  • If there is no such thing from them, then do not worry. If possible, do all these things in half and half in two and drink. They will also be fine according to the Hajme.

  • This shake is the great work of those who take the weight gain. If you are in the affair of lean body, then many of these things have to be separated.

  • If you are exercising by pressing then there is no scary thing.