5 Reasons Cause of Increase Asthma Problem in Summer

5 Reasons Cause of Increase Asthma Problem in Summer

In the summer the breath of asthma patients coming with warm winds is slowing down. However, the reason for the increase of asthma patients is also air pollution from vehicles and industrial units. Asthma (asthma) has started showing its effect with the heat in the season. Dust and pollution with air has created problems for asthma patients.

What is Asthma?

Respiratory canals are affected in asthma. These ducts work in and out of the air through the lungs. Swelling occurs in these ducts when asthma occurs. The tubes become narrower and sensitive, and less air reaches the lungs when breathing. In such a way, if the particles of dust and pollution reach the tubules then it feels uneasy. There is a knee-jerk experience. The ducts are closed when the attack occurs. This disease increases due to allergic reactions. The person is suffering from asthma primarily through the air. Patients suffer from breathing due to asthma attack. This attack can last for a few hours. If an asthma attack is longer, then the person’s life goes away.

Anyone suffering from asthma can be a person. Let’s know for what reasons this problem increases in the summer.

Problem of Chill-hot

Both heat and cold can be an asthma victim during the weather. In this weather, air conditioning or other means, the person is allergic to hot or cold, going from hot to cold.

Dust and Pollution

At the same time, the dust blows much in this season. Apart from this, the person becomes a victim of asthma as well as being allergic. The victims of this disease become more quickly. The rising pollution is making it a victim of new babies. On time and on regular treatment and avoiding it can control its effect.

Changes in Weather

Asthma patients get 20 to 25 percent increase after rains. According to the doctor, this may be due to changing the weather. In fact, the cause of asthma is an infection.


Often, pollution or other causes cause an infection to the person’s throat and nose, Because of which she could not breathe properly. In such a situation, asthma patients are more vulnerable to breathing than the normal person.

Eating cold things from outside

On coming home from the sun outside, children often drink cold water and eat cold things like ice cream, ice shells and other things. Cough, cough and throat infection are increasing in children due to cold things in summer. Asthma Patients are more prone to breathing when they are infections than normal children. The Spray has to be used multiple times a day. If asthma rises at this time, then there may be more problems when it rains.

How to Defend

  • Protect children from heat.
  • Do not let cool things immediately after coming from the sun.
  • Show the doctor immediately after the infection.
  • Always carry asthma medicines together.
  • Take emergency medicines as well.