Braces Aftercare Tips

Braces Aftercare Tips Recommended By Orthodontists

Many people don’t realize that taking care of the teeth after getting the braces is more difficult. Here, we have shortlisted the aftercare tips recommended by the best Nashville orthodontists to take care of the braces. We have shared Braces Aftercare Tips here.

Braces Aftercare Tips – Carefully Choose the Basics: Toothpaste, Floss & Rinse

You don’t have to get into the headache of finding the best products after getting the braces. Your orthodontist will suggest which product to choose to prevent any sort of bacteria from the cavities or gums.

Some brands of oral hygiene have harsh ingredients that can cause damage to the metallic braces. Therefore, only use products recommended by the orthodontist.

Using mouthwash to have fresh breath is great, but make sure you don’t use the ones with bright green or red dye. They can leave behind stains on the braces wire. Make sure to follow the suggestions by your orthodontist in Nashville, TN, to keep your braces in excellent condition.

Braces Aftercare Tips – Avoid Eating Certain Things

Your orthodontist will suggest to you the food you should avoid after the braces. Don’t worry, the list isn’t that long. Anything sticky, chewy, or crunchy will most probably be on the list.

If you are a person who has a habit of biting nails or chew the pen lids, you need to stop right away. This can damage or break the braces.

Plus, avoid sugary food and drinks. They can leave stains and decay around the brackets, which become more visible once the braces are removed.

But, if you consume any food that you know will leave stains, we recommend you to do it a day before your appointment with the doctor. This way, they can replace the elastics to prevent permanent stains.

If you get metal braces, the orthodontist will suggest you avoid the following food:

  • Nuts
  • Sticky candy
  • Popcorn
  • Fibrous vegetables
  • Whole raw food, etc.

Right after the braces treatment, it is suggested to eat soft foods that won’t irritate the gums or tongue. After few days, when your mouth becomes more familiar with braces, you can shift to the diet suggested by your orthodontist in Nashville, TN.

Brush Teeth to Remove Food & Beverages

Brushing with braces is a tricky task. You have to remove all the food debris from the teeth without damaging or dislocating the wires and brackets. Orthodontists recommend using soft bristle brushes, but keep in mind to keep the pressure light as well. Dental clinics like Dillard Dental Services recommend following the below-mentioned care tips while brushing your teeth with braces:

  • First, rinse your mouth. It will help you to get rid of the loose food debris.
  • While brushing, angle the bristles in the direction of gums to remove the food particles accumulated there.
  • Then, use this angled-motion again, but this time away from the top of the brackets.
  • Now, angle the toothbrush alongside the bottom of brackets to brush upward.
  • Finally, brush every tooth from the front and back to prevent any formation of bacteria.

Pro tip: Rinse your mouth with water throughout the day to remove any food that gets collected in your teeth while eating.

Take Care Of The Overall Hygiene

The pace of your treatment depends on how well you maintain oral hygiene. The interproximal brush is the best when you have braces.

Mostly, you will get this from your dentist’s office, or else, he might recommend you from where to buy it. To maintain the best oral hygiene, brush your teeth and clean the braces every night and after having a meal.

Avoiding this can cause permanent white spots on the teeth. Poor hygiene will also cause gum bleeding or inflammation on teeth. If any of these problems arise, the dentist will have to delay the treatment.

Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly

When you get the braces, visit your orthodontists regularly for the adjustment of the appliances. After these adjustment sessions, you are most likely to feel tightness and slight pain.

But, if this pain doesn’t dissipate quickly or gets worse, consult your orthodontist right away. Moreover, the other concerns that require orthodontists include problems with appliances or broken parts in the braces.

While getting this orthodontist treatment, we also suggest you visit your best dentist in Nashville. These checkups will help in determining the presence of cavities or gum diseases. The dentist will also perform fluoride treatments to protect the teeth from decay when you are wearing the braces.

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During the whole course of treatment, the dentist will arrange three hygiene appointments. With this treatment, you will get professional cleaning and also home care tips that you should follow to help you improve the outcome. This treatment is not necessary, but we would recommend you not to miss any appointment if you want aligned and bright teeth.

These are some of the aftercare tips your Nashville’s Orthodontist will suggest to you. There can be additional things that you might need to take care of based on your treatment. If so, your orthodontist and dentist will educate you about them during this treatment time.