Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin Care in Winter

Best Home Remedies for Dry Skin Care in Winter

Our skin breathes through the pores (the hair follicles) and when the pores are closed, not only does the skin relax in breathing, but the disorders that persist in sweating also stop and flourish. The stiffness of the skin in the cold makes a lot of trouble. This is called the problem of dry skin. Rudimentary skin often requires cold cream, yet relief is not available. These problems do not leave chase after all winters. Due to skin rust, its beauty also decreases. It is important to avoid the problem of dry skin during this winter season. Let’s know the skin problem and their solution.

Treatment of Skin Diseases

The first solution is to stop the use of all types of bath soaps and exterior oils when there is a skin related disease. Instead of bathing you should rub the skin gradually with wet towels. By doing this measure, the pores are opened as well as good exercise in the body massages. However, skin cleansing is done well with wet towels, but if you feel that the skin has not been properly cleaned, once a week, any herbal soap can be used.

Soil for Skin Diseases

Wet towel remedy provides relief in skin diseases, but if your problem is very old, then to fix it quickly, wet soil should be applied to that place. Such soil should be completely cleaned and there should not be any type of filth, garbage or pebbles. In this case smooth clay and yellow soil are the best. Or you can use it everywhere in the market by soaking the Multani clay available in the water. Multani soil is very effective to clean the dirt from the skin and it also has no side effects. It is very helpful in providing relief to skin diseases and keeping skin soft.

The use of soil

1. If the problem is in the whole body, then the soil should be coated on the whole body. After coating should sit in the sunlight for a while. This will fix the problem soon. After sunburn, rubbing should be done thoroughly. You can get relief in many skin diseases by doing this measure only two to four times.

2. Keep in mind also that people troubled by skin diseases should avoid these methods, along with chillies, spices, pickles, fried items and dietary and beverage drinks in the market. Instead of using green vegetables, seasonal fruits and sprouts, you should use the maximum amount.