Harmful Effects of Using Makeup Daily

Harmful Effects of Using Makeup Daily

Making a daily makeup affects the natural color of the skin. It also causes various types of damage to the skin and eyes. Read these points in detail about the damage caused by makeup.

Wrinkles on face

Everyday make-up enlarges the stomach of our skin, in which the piece of makeup gets accumulated and acne becomes a form of acne. These bacteria are mixed with polluted air. So they harm your skin’s collagen and prevent new and destroyed skin cells from developing. Because of which wrinkles can cause your face.

Damage to the beauty of the eyes

Even if the eyes do not have a mascara, but mascara for a long time increases the risk of eye infection. The chemicals in it may cause ulcers in the eye or itching or irritation in the eye. The fusion on the face can also cause skin around the eyes.

Finish the skin’s flexibility

The stomach present in our skin keeps it alive. But make-up destroys these elastic tissues. Because of which your skin starts hanging and you are old. Therefore, do not make makeup every day but rather occasionally. Applying the foundation on the face can cause blackness in the skin, pigmentation occurs, allergic reactions can also lead to minor scars in the skin.


Using unbranded lipstick and product increases lip gloss. The chemicals present in the lipstick snatch the natural pinkness of your lips. By applying lipstick till the skin, swelling and peeling may also come. Apply a lip balm or natural product instead of lipsticks on lips.

Bindi may be smear

Applying the adhesive binder several times for long, leaves white marks on the forehead. Therefore, always put a good quality of the bindi and remove it immediately after the experiment. However, if the scar falls, consult the skin disease specialist immediately, otherwise the scars start to grow.