What can cause Asthma Triggers?

If you are an asthma patient, then you know how difficult it is for you to breathe during cold weather or monsoon. However, weather conditions are not only such things but also pollution and dust that can trigger your asthma. If you want to protect yourself from the next asthma attack, avoid these abnormal factors.


If you are obese, then you already have a higher risk of asthma attack. According to doctors, those who are obese are expanding under their lungs, which compels them to take fewer breaths, causing them to be jealous and trigger asthma attacks.


Allergic can cause asthma and there is a protein in the body parts of Cockroach, Saliva and Garbage, which can cause allergic reactions. If you are a victim of asthma, then you should keep your home free of cockroaches as possible.


Avoid the use of plastic to contribute to your part towards the betterment of the environment, but also that if you are suffering from this disease, then it can cause your next asthma attack.


Ladybugs release an orange fluid as their healing mechanism, and when the fluid gets mixed with the air it can inspire asthma. In particular, Asian Ladybugs are known to trigger your asthma if you are sensitive to these bugs.

Domestic Animal:

If you are a victim of asthma, then you have to give up your love for your pet. According to many studies, your pet’s fur, dead cells, saliva all carry a protein that can make your asthma problem worse.