Side Effects of Drinking RO Filtered Water for Long Time

Are you too R.O. for purity and health? Drink water (RO purifier). R.O. That is, the technique of reverse osmosis removes many different impurities from water. But with this technique, many of the elements present in the water also come out, which are beneficial for your body. In many research, it has been claimed that water released from the RO does not contain calcium and magnesium. These minerals are essential for the nurturing of many functions and organs in our body. Let’s tell you the negative effects of RO water.

Minced Minerals Required

Water is the basis of our life. From drinking water we get some such minerals, which are essential for the body. Since impurity in drinking water is increasing due to air and water pollution across the globe, due to which RO purifiers or RO filters are introduced. But research shows that R. O After filtering, the elements such as lead, arsenic, barium, aluminum, etc. are present in the water. Along with this, some elements, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, are also beneficial for the body. So drinking this water for a long time can lead to many problems in your body.

A lot of water is wasted

With the RO system cleaning the water, along with its impurities, a lot of water is shedding, which causes waste of water. Given the lack of drinking water and the increasing population worldwide, waste of such a large quantity of water cannot be considered as good.

Many types of diseases may occur

There are lots of elements in common drinking water that protect different organs of the body. In such a long r. O Due to drinking water, a person is at risk of various health problems such as osteoporosis, digestive problems, constipation, heart disease etc. Actually, calcium and magnesium elements are very important for metabolism, digestion and strength of bones.

Water can be acidic

Many times, RO filters carry the PH level of water down to below 7, making the water slightly acidic. Although this is not as acidic as your favorite cold drink, but still drinking this water for a long time can lead to stomach problems. Alkaline cartridges are fitted separately in some advanced RO systems, to prevent water from being acidified.