These 5 Foods You must Avoid in Rainy Season

These 5 Foods You must Avoid in Rainy Season

In the rainy season the risk of diseases and infection increases manifold, so in this season it needs to be careful in every way. Most diseases occurring in the rain cause bad habits and bad eating habits. Rainy season is favourable to viruses and bacteria because they grow rapidly and rapidly due to moisture in the environment. Special care should be taken during this season because food and drink can make you sick in this season. Let’s tell you that those 5 foods, which can be harmful to your health during the rainy season.

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are generally considered very healthy and doctors advise them to eat, but eating ripe vegetables in the rainy season will also make you sick. In fact, in the rainy season, insects, insects and insects are created very much in fields, which eat these leaves and contaminate them. So eating these leafy vegetables can lead to many kinds of diseases.

2. Juice, Shake and Fruit sold in the Market

Juice and fruits sold in the open market can make you sick during the rainy season. Rainy weather is not conducive to the consumption of such substances. Even if you have to drink them, then prepare them with complete cleanliness at home and drink freshly. Consumption of chopped fruits sold in the market can also spoil your health during this season. Actually, harvested fruits and vegetables or cooked food in this season quickly gets spoiled.

3. Avoid Seafood

Consumption of seafood in monsoon can also spoil your health. In fact, the rainy season is the time of fertile fishes and shrimp. Therefore eating them during this time, many types of infection are threatened. If you are fond of non-vegetarian foods, then eat chicken and mutton in this season. You should also take care of them in the food that they are not cut for too much time and they have taken care of adequate cleanliness in making them.

4. Avoid Fried Foods

This season, there is a very cold climate due to rain. In such cases, people like Fried Foods, but you should tell that the use of fried foods in the rainy season should be avoided. Due to high humidity, these foods can make you a victim of stomach disorders such as stomach-ache, dysentery, constipation, acidity and food poisoning. Samosa, kachauri, pakodi, fries etc. should avoided during this season.

5. Stale Food

Avoid eating stale food during the rainy season. Many times you do not want to throw food, so eat dinner at night or at dinner in the morning, but in the rainy season, you can become seriously ill. In fact, due to low temperature due to low temperature and very low humidity due to low temperature due to humidity, process of fermentation begins in 6 hours, but due to the high humidity in the rainy season, this process can start within 4 hours. Therefore, eating more time-consuming food can be harmful to your health.