Wake Up in the Morning In the Rainy Season will Bring Glow like Facials

Wake Up in the Morning In the Rainy Season will Bring Glow like Facials

The monsoon season has knocked off. This season is important that we take good care of our skin. Faster winds absorb skin oil and moisture. In this case, skin needs extra care. In the meantime, if the natural way is used with massage, rubbish and balanced diet, then beauty can be maintained.

Cream Based Product

When the skin starts to dry, it’s time to change the make-up kit. During this, replace lightly water-based moisturizer with thick cream-based moisturizer. Choose such facial-wash and sunscreen, which will allow skin moisture to remain intact.

Do Exfoliate

In this season, using excess cream and other products on the skin closes the pores of the skin. It is recommended to xpholize the skin once or twice every 10 days. Take a gentle scrub for it and massage the skin while rotating the fingers, leaving dead cells and the skin will become clean. Once a month it is necessary to take a steam, it softens the skin. Taking a steam bath can also get rid of the problem of White Heads and Acne. The opening of the pores and the release of dead cells clears the skin and makes the moisturizer easily absorb.

Oil Massage

After getting up in the morning to get beautiful and healthy skin, give yourself 15 minutes. Massage the whole body with warm lukewarm oil. Massage your face and face with light hands too. Take bath after about an hour after applying the oil. Usually, people use more hot water in winter, causing damage to the skin. Keep in mind that not bathing with hot water. Add some drops of baby oil, olive oil and body oil while bathing. With this it will remain fresh for the whole day, the skin will remain healthy and soft.

Give Nutrition to Skin

Make sure to have hydra facials once a month, this gives deep moisturizing. This facialic protects skin from drying. With this the skin looks shiny as well as the skin, and you get rid of the rusty skin.

Use of Sunscreen

Like summer, there is no sunlight in this season, but that does not mean that you keep your sunscreen packed and kept. In the winter we spend more time in the sun, in such a way it is very important to keep the skin safe from the sun. Ultra-violet rays are always harmful to the skin, whether or not the sun burns up or not. Choose sunscreen according to skin type to avoid this.

Remover Makeup

Use thick clariner and toner while removing makeup. Its use keeps skin moisture. If you do not removing the makeup well with the help of a good cleaner, then the skin flushes can be closed and it can damage the skin. Therefore it is very important for the skin to use. Also wash your face twice a day.

Diet is also Important

Says, we will look like we will eat. For healthy skin it is important for the body to be healthy. To maintain your immune system in winter, take plenty of vitamins and minerals. Eat enough fruits and vegetables. Eat omega-3 fatty acids like fish, flax seeds and nuts. They get nourishment from the skin. Drinking about 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day is also important.</p?

When is Sunburn

If the sunburn has grown, make a paste by mixing cucumber, potato, lemon juice and a little bit of clay and apply it on the affected parts of the face. Allow this pack to dry for about 15-20 minutes. After this, apply a little water in the palms and massage the face with light hands and then wash with cold water. From this, the scents of Sunburn will be lightened and gradually end. To remove Sunburn, tee bags are also very helpful.

Lip Care

When the lips begin to dry or the lines become formed, it is important to exfoliate them to remove such dead cells. To exfoliate, massage the lips with sugar, jojoba or olive oil or honey and lightly massage them.

Foot Care

The problem of ankles burst in this season is also quite high. To avoid this, continue to pedicure from time to time. To take a foot care at home, mix some drops of shampoo, lemon and hydrogen para-oxide in warm water in the night and dip the feet in it. Then clean it well with foot scrubber. Clean the feet in the winters and apply winter lotion cream on them. Wear socks before leaving the house. Do not cut the foot nails in the sphere and keep the nail paint on them, this will not fear the nail damage.