Symptoms and Causes of Spinal Cord Tumour Back Pain

Symptoms and Causes of Spinal Cord Tumour Back Pain

The number of patients suffering from back pain is increasing due to sitting in the same place for hours working on the computer. The youth are grappling with this and the problem is being seen in them. Generally the problem of back pain is divided into three parts – trauma, tumours and infections. This problem is possible in Adult Edge Group and older in children. There may be other causes of back pain in children, especially if there is any problem in spine or if there is a tumour in the spine, it can cause back pain. At present, the problem of back pain is seen in most people due to tension and wrong Poshcher. Working on computer and laptop for long while sitting in the wrong Poshcher can cause back and back pain. This problem occurs due to many infections and tumours after the age of 50.

Spinal cord Tumor

Spinal cord tumours affect people of all ages, but most of these diseases are seen more in young and middle-aged people. Spinal cord tumours are stacks of abnormal cells which develop on the surface of the spinal cord, its safety layers, or the layer covering the spinal cord. Spinal tumours are the unnatural growth of new tissues called neoplasm.

Exercise for Back Pain

Yes, exercise can be exercised in back pain. It improves the functioning of the muscles and increases the proper flow of blood in the body. But to exercise a little bit in the condition of waist pain, please consult the specialist for this. In addition to exercise, you can do some yoga exercises such as Uttanasana, West Uttarasanan and Bhujangasan.

Home remedies for back pain

  1. Heat the mustard / sesame oil with pinch of rock salt and 2-3 garlic buds and lighten the girdle with it.

  2. After adding 10 grams of dry ginger or cumin seeds in a glass of water, again boil and filter it.

  3. Mix half a banana and sugar candy in creamy milk.
  4. Put turmeric in creamy milk.

You can use garlic, ginger, dry gourd, rock salt, lemon and onion in the food.