Remove Excess Oil from Oily Skin from Homemade Face Masks

Remove Excess Oil from Oily Skin from Homemade Face Masks

Oily skin has to be more careful than normal skin because dust and dirt are more intense on it. Due to this, pimples and other problems are more in oily skin. If you are troubled with oily skin, then with the help of certain facial remedies, you can take out the oil in addition to your face, which will make your face look more beautiful and beautiful.

Why is skin oily?

When the oily glands in the skin are high or the glands are more effective, then the skin becomes oily. Such skin flashes and its flawlessness is also seen to be more open and enlarged. Oily skin needs more care than normal skin. Due to oily skin, your color also appears to be slightly suppressed.

Why is facemask beneficial?

The face mask enhances blood circulation in addition to bringing brightness in the skin, making the skin beautiful and juicy. It excludes extra oil from the skin. There is an important role of face mask in skin care. It also removes dead cells in addition to cleansing the skin, resulting in skin.

Face Mask of Lemon and Curd

Take half a cup of curd in a bowl and squeeze the fresh lemons into it. Get both together well. Lime oil can also be used at the place of lemon juice. Put this paste on face and neck. After ten to fifteen minutes, wash the face pack with cold water. This mask makes the skin shiny and hydrated. Lemon cleans the skin and curd makes it soft.

Fruit Mask for Beautiful Face

Combine fruit like banana, apple, papaya and oranges of oranges i.e. pulp and put on the face. Keep it for about 20 to 30 minutes. There are several enzymes in Papaya, which help remove dead cells from the skin of the face. Banana brings turbidity in the skin. Apple has pectin, which cleans the skin.

Rice Made Face

To reduce the excess oil of face, add mint extract and rose water to rice flour for 10 minutes on face. Put it on the face while rolling in the round with light hands. Then after some time wash with plain water. The skin will glow and the extra oil will emerge. Apart from this, tomato works like oily skin. Extra oil extracted from the skin by mixing lightly on the face with cotton juice in cotton.

Scrubbed once a week

Use a light scrub once a week as the oily skin cleansing is important. Dust-clay, make-up, dead cells are removed from the skin by cleansing and the pores of the skin are cleared. In this way you can also avoid the problem of Black Heads. Do Regular cleaning with oil-free facial wash with natural properties for it to remain free from skin oil. Never use glycerine-containing soap.