Foods for Weight Gainer

5 Essential Weight Gainers Foods Naturally

It is important to balance the weight. We have mentioned about Weight Gainers Foods. A perfectly toned body is a symbol of healthy organs and good metabolism. You can calculate your Body Mass Index and understand your weight with a few easy steps. If your body mass index is less than 18.5, it means that you are underweight and if your Body mass index is 25.0 or higher, then you must cut some kilos to reduce the extra fat from your body. To calculate your BMI is easy.

The formula for BMI is kg/m2. So you can calculate your BMI by calculating your weight in Kgs and dividing it by what your height comes in meters. For example, if you weigh 40 Kgs and your height is 1.55 meters. When you make the calculations you will get your BMI as 16.6. It means that you are underweight and need to gain some kilos to stay healthy. While there are several options to gain weight quickly, like consuming protein shakes and doing weight training but did you know that you could easily gain weight without any trouble by eating the right foods?

So, if you have been searching for ways to gain weight, then we bring you 5 essential foods that can help you do so. The best thing is that these foods are easily accessible no matter where you live.

Essential Weight Gainers Foods

1- Dry Fruits: Even the smallest servings of dry fruits have lots of calories. You can add dry fruits to your diet to increase the calorie intake. It is a simple concept if the number of calories you take each day is higher than the number of calories that you burn, then your weight increases. And dry fruits are high in calories. In ten almonds there are about 173 calories. And in ten cashews 157 calories. So when you add dry fruits and nuts to your diet, you can easily increase the calorie intake and gain weight without much effort. You can buy dry fruits online from Healthkart. Now you can also make your purchase cost-effective with the help of healthkart promo codes. Get them from and save while you shop. 

2- Smoothies: The second food that will help you gain weight naturally is a smoothie. Smoothies are the best. They keep you healthy, give you all the essential nutrients you require and makeup as best foods to fulfil your daily requirements. If you want to gain some weight try heavy smoothies like peanut butter, banana and milk smoothie. Make sure that you take whole milk to make these smoothies. It helps to gain weight easily. When you drink smoothies, you are taking a good amount of calories. They energise you and make up for a good breakfast too. So if you wish to gain weight, you can include this food in your diet without any doubt. There are several weight gain smoothie recipes you can find online without much hassle. So grab the best recipe, and you are good to go.

3- Eggs: Eggs help in weight gain. They are the best source of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are excellent sources of energy. They help you stay fit, and they are quite easy to make as well. You can make scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, omelette, Anda bhurji and lots of yummy dishes with eggs without much effort. They provide the body with high protein content and ensure that you are healthy. You must include eggs in your diet if you want to gain weight. Two boiled eggs can have about 155 calories. So they make up as best foods for proteins and vitamins. If you are a vegetarian then you can eat cottage cheese instead of eggs to get the same amount of calories and nutrition for your body. It will help you gain weight naturally.

4- Cheese: Cheese is an excellent dairy product. It is tasty and healthy when consumed in the right amounts. Cheese comes in many textures and favours too. It has some essential oils, and it can help you gain weight with less effort. You can add cheese to sandwiches, fritters, pizzas and many more food items to make your diet full of carbs and oils. And being a dairy product cheese also as a high amount of calcium and B12 too. The cheese that is made from milk and has been fermented for a long time has the highest amount of nutrients. 

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So these are the natural foods that you can add to your diet to gain weight. If you want to make good smoothies you can add some protein powders. You can buy all the dietary supplements from Netents and even save on your shopping. These Weight Gainers Foods will help you to gain weight naturally. So if you want to save some money on your next online shopping, then visit It is easy to get an offer from them. For example, if you are buying Whey Protein from Netmeds, you can activate a Netmeds coupon code before completing your shopping and grab a discount on your purchase. So if you want to save some money on your online shopping you can trust without any second thoughts.