Eat Lotus Stem Vegetable to keep Weight Loss and Digestion Right

Eat Lotus Stem Vegetable to keep Weight Loss and Digestion Right

Lotus Stem is related to water because lotus blossomed in water. We make chips by putting lotus stem, but you can also make its curry and pickle. Read in detail about its benefits.

  • Helpful in Weight Loss

Lotus Stem has a lot of fiber which helps reduce sugar levels. It also protects against constipation and reduces cholesterol. It is low calorie which contains a lot of nutrients. It is filled with stomach for a long time by eating it. Keep your intestines healthy, with obesity being reduced by eating its vegetable. Pyridoxine present in the root of the lotus regulates the levels of homocysteine in the blood which can lead to direct heart attack.

  • Keep the stomach disease away

Regular intake of Lotus Stem is associated with stomach disorders, so you can take it regularly. The skin of the stem grinded with water and after applying it on the face, the skin of the face is healthy and shiny. The root of the lotus rich in antioxidants works as skin conditioner. Using it the skin remains hydrated and moisturize and the skin becomes soft and shiny. It helps in removing fine lines of skin, removing brown spots and wrinkles. By taking juice out of the mouth, hands and feet, they do not break and the beauty of the face increases.

  • Help to increase Blood

Lotus stem contains mineral, potassium, magnesium, thymine, zinc, iron and vitamin ABC, which prepare your body for many things, as well as strengthen your immune system. They work to strengthen red blood cells and muscles. In addition, potassium is found in it which maintains the balance of fluid in our body. It reduces the effects of sodium in the bloodstream.

  • Beneficial in Pregnancy

Lotus root is very good for pregnant women. The nutrients present in it are very beneficial for the growth of the child born in the womb. Cook 10 grams root of stem, one cup of milk and one cup of water and put it on a low flame. When the milk is left remaining, feeding the pregnant woman gives liberation from pregnancy in pregnancy. Grind coconut seeds in cold water and get relief from heat problems.

  • Extract the Toxic Substances

The amount of water in our body works to remove the toxic substances from our body, hence it is also that stem consumption also excludes unwanted substances from your body. Drinking lotus stem with food or stem and onion juice mixed with alcohol becomes addictive.