Medicine for Asthma Patients

Best Medicine for the Patients of Asthma

Due to increased pollution in cities, asthma means that the disease of asthma is growing rapidly. In such an environment, people have become confused to breathe. Increasing cold and pollution are both harmful for asthma patients. The most worrying thing is that not only old people, but even small children are coming in the grip of asthma. However, those who lack disease resistance are less likely to be seen. They come in the grip of early asthma. In a recent research, an antibody has been prepared for asthma patients, which will provide great relief to the patients.

These antibodies detected in research will be effective in preventing allergies and asthma in adults. This antibody can be taken as medicine. This research can be a great way to make an allergy effective drug. The specific action of this antibody stops its effect on the immune system in the action of allergens. Researchers said that antibodies affect the complex biochemical process in the human body, through which it prevents humans from connecting allergy antibodies (IEGs) to cells and thus prevent all the allergic symptoms from occurring.

Adjard Spilner, assistant professor of Aarhus University, said, “We can now describe the effects of this antibody with its goal. It helped us to understand how it interferes with IGE in a special receptor and body’s antibody, which is responsible for the release of Histamine in the action of allergic reactions.