Depression and Sadness in Children can be Symptoms of Psychotic Depression

Depression and Sadness in Children can be Symptoms of Psychotic Depression

Depression and tension is generally considered to be an elderly problem because people think that tensions can happen to anyone in childhood. But tell you that children also have problems with stress and depression. Due to modernity there has been such a change in our lifestyle that children feel very lonely themselves. At the same time, on their delicate shoulders, we put too much burden on responsibilities from childhood that their childhood gradually dies.

Recently researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Washington have said that their future life is affected due to depression in children. Children who live much more in depression and tension during childhood, they also remain troubled throughout life. Let’s tell you what are the symptoms and causes of depression in children.

Symptoms of Depression in Children

  1. Irritation
  2. Be sad and sad all the time.
  3. Be amassed among friends too.
  4. Anger on small things
  5. Sudden change in behaviour
  6. Overeating
  7. Do not feel like studying, playing sports
  8. Be restless at all times
  9. Complaints from school
  10. Negative things at all times
  11. Eyes and ears remain red
  12. Like loneliness.

Reason of Stress in Children

  • Nowadays children are using the technique on a large scale. High dependence on technology is a major reason for the stress of children. Children are engaged in competition to advance from each other on these social sites.

  • Higher pressure of schooling is also putting children in depression. The child is in tension due to failure to complete the syllabus.

  • Parental pressure also puts children in tension. The pressure to bring more numbers to the children is also put on the parents and the child comes in the depression.

  • Sometimes parents put pressure on their children for their dreams. Parents think that the child will fulfil their incomplete dreams due to which the child comes in depression.

  • If a child fails in any repugnance, then it is pressurized with unintended, which brings stress to the child. While here it is necessary to understand that this is not the end of life but the beginning of the new tomorrow.

  • The desire to get the convenience of high class also brings stress to the child. Often the child is aware that why the high is living standard like others.

  • Even parents cannot spend too much time with their children in the depression. In such a situation the child feels lonely to himself.