Heart ECG Test: Know When and How Important It Is

Heart ECG Test Know When and How Important It Is

ECG is a type of test that is commonly used to detect heart-related diseases. ECG is also called electrocardiogram. If the heart beats, then we live, and if it is to live a healthy life then it is important to keep heart beating right. But how should we know that our heart is working properly and it is not going to get any kind of problem? It can be detected by some tests, one of which is also important ECG test.

Why the ECG Test is Done?

ECG test: Typically bleeding blood vessels in the heart, difficulty in oxygen, blockage of the nerves, abnormal tissue status, severe chest pain or swelling, shortness of breath, symptoms of heart attack and other heart related problems Used to find out. Doctors diagnose heart problems through waves or heart waves, or heartbeat.

This check-up is very Cheap and Easy

Many times people think about the ECG test that they are very expensive investigations or they will have to face difficulties in getting this inquiry done. But let me tell you that the ECG test is very cheap and painless. Typically ECG tests are easily done from 100 to 200 rupees.

Why ECG Test Should Be Made

Getting an ECG test is important and beneficial for your health as you can detect heart diseases before time by this easy and extremely cheap test so that they do not take the dangerous form later. If you find out the heart diseases from the right time, then they can be cured easily. Usually this test is available in all cardiac hospitals. If you ever get the symptoms of heart diseases, then these tests must be done.

When is the ECG Test Done?

  1. When there is constant high blood pressure problem
  2. When there is a complication of severe pain in the chest.
  3. When the heartbeat becomes abnormal and continuously decreases.
  4. When there is trouble in chest and chest and breathing difficulties.
  5. When suddenly there was panic and sweating started, that is, symptoms of heart disease.
  6. When diabetes can not be controlled and its effects are visible on the heart.
  7. When the arteries that bleed up to the heart are blocked and the heart does not reach the blood.
  8. When blood clotting did not reach the heart.
  9. When there is a problem in the heart valve.
  10. When serious symptoms of heart disease appear.
  11. Sometimes it is also done to know the side effects of medicines on the heart.

How ECG is Done?

EKG means electrocardiogram. This is also called ECG. ECG is a short, safe, painless and low-cost test, which is done if there is a problem of heart problem. In this test, the cardiac electric activity is recorded with the help of patient’s chest, arms and feet on the skin of small electrodes patch. It can be investigated like a regular health screen and also to detect heart disease.