Common Allergy Causing Foods According to the Best Allergist in Atlanta

It gets really frustrating when the very simple of things are the main cause of all the troubles. You can try as hard as you wan but if the reason for your dilemma is the most common items that you encounter every day like food that cause allergy by the Best Allergist in Atlanta then it seems impossible to avoid it.

The situation turns from worse to worst when these simple things are the reason for your allergic reactions. Further, adding insult to injury, the allergy is caused by the food that you eat on a regular basis. You will be surprised to read that these foods that are mentioned by the doctors are used daily.

Misunderstanding the concept of Food Allergy:

First of all, you have to understand that the allergies that are caused by food are misinterpreted at some point and there are many misconceptions have to be straightened so that the causes and symptoms can be grasped.

They are not serious:

The very first concept that the people who have food allergies must understand that it is a really serious matter. During the initial stages, the patients can show very mild signs; if they ignore and leave it untreated then it can result in severe reactions to the whole body.

It is a Rare Condition:

No, not at all; it is the most common of all allergies. About 80% of people around the world are allergic to any type of food. Even a tiny portion of the allergen can be the cause of an extreme reaction.

Only Occur in Childhood:

Most of the food allergies develop in childhood but the reaction can show in later years when you are exposed to the specific food that is the reason for allergy. Or at other occasions, the body’s reaction is late timed.

Peanuts the Main Cause:

A big misunderstanding is that people are allergic to peanuts the most. But on regular basis milk and other dairy products are the common reason. Peanuts are the second most common allergen.

Stomach Ache is not a Symptom:

It is somewhat true that stomach ache can be the symptom for many other ailments. The Allergy treatment specialist Atlanta look for the first sign that is pain n the stomach to determine whether the patient is suffering from a food allergy or not.

Food Tolerance and Allergy is the same:

Allergy to food happens when the chemicals in the food cause severe damage and disturb the immunity system of the body, whereas, food intolerance is a term used when the food is not properly digested.

Basic Signs of Food Allergy by the Best Allergist in Atlanta:

Allergists at dissimilar allergy clinics like Atlanta Allergy to mention one; will tell you about the basic signs that you have to see if you think a patient is suffering from food allergy. You have to remember it carefully so that you can take him/ her to the respective clinic.

  1. Itching, redness and hives on the skin.
  2. Problems around the nose area.
  3. Gastro problems.
  4. Trouble in breathing properly.
  5. Some severe signs like; contraction of the airway, dropping of blood pressure, shock, pulse running fast and unconsciousness.

Common Foods That Cause Allergy:

People who are suffering from food allergy lead a very difficult life because they have to be very careful and look out for the ingredients in the food that have the allergens. All food has substances in them that are the cause of food allergy. But below are the foods that are the most common causes of food allergy.

Dairy Products:

Babies, infants and young children are generally affected by cow’s milk and its by-products. But it can decrease in intensity as children age and ultimately are immune to it when they reach adulthood. If the child who is less than 6 months is given cow’s milk then this allergy can develop.

Eggs and Proteins:

The second food that is a major cause of allergy is the egg and some other types of proteins. There are many cases in which the patients get a severe reaction when a whole egg is eaten or either the egg white or yolk. It is most likely that you can outrun the allergy but some adults are seen to have the allergy.

Peanuts and other Tree nuts:

Unlike other food allergies that worn out in childhood the nuts on trees and especially peanuts don’t let go of the patient even in adulthood and old age. If they are exposed to the nuts can life-threatening to them.

Wheat and its Associates:

Many people confuse this allergy from gluten sensitivity which can show very similar symptoms that can be seen in different digestive problems. It is very difficult to know which type of wheat protein is the cause because there is a hundred present.   

Fish and Shellfish:

Allergy to fish is also very common as it can also be referred to as protein allergy by the Best Allergist in Atlanta. If a child is suffering from fish allergy then he/ she will be allergic to shellfish and its types. On many occasions, it has been confused by the reaction to contaminate fish.