Benefits of Keeping your Relationship Status Private

Benefits of Keeping your Relationship Status Private

There was a time when being in a relationship was a personal issue and everyone was happy to keep it that way. But with the advent of technology and social media, many feel compelled and sometimes compelled to make it public. It is not a bad idea to announce the status of your relationship to your friends or family, but when you do it on a public forum, you cannot avoid all the unnecessary comments and opinions that may even be from those people Are those you don’t even know. Whether you are happily single or in a beautiful relationship, it is a personal matter of you and your partner, which depends on both of you. But once you make it official on the public platform by not keeping your relationship status secret (relationship status secret), then you should be prepared for some results. While keeping the relationship secret, you can have many benefits.

Disadvantages of making love public (reasons to keep relationship status private)
Unnecessary Gossip

Once you make your relationship public, you start forming an opinion about you. Although it may not seem like you, but people are always looking for something new to discuss or gossip about and what could be a more exciting topic than the status of someone’s relationship. If you want to avoid unnecessary gossip, ruckus and drama like this, then it is better to keep your relationship status to yourself. In this way, you will not have to explain to anyone about yourself and your abusive relationship and it will not give you any mental pain.

Your romantic life can be bad
There is no harm in telling people that you are committed or not, but what is needed to tell people. Your relationship is with you and no one can understand it better than you. Therefore, by making it public, you attract a lot of attention from people who have nothing to do with your relationship status. At the same time, when both of you have been spending time together, then there can be discussion of these people in something, which can spoil your romantic moments.

Your partner may face problems
When you are in love, you want to tell the whole world about it. But this may not happen to your partner. As much as you want it, your partner may not be comfortable enough to announce it to a mass audience. Perhaps your partner has not thought so much for the future and he and his talk in front of the world can disturb his mind. So make love public by talking about it with your partner.

If the relationship does not go on in future, people can make it difficult for you to move.
Breakup can be difficult and if two people are not happy in a relationship, they should do it. At the same time, the biggest disadvantage of publicizing the relationship is here. If you had made your old relationship public and the whole world knew about it, you might have trouble moving after the breakup. These things can not only break your today’s relationship, but can also give people a chance to talk about your partner. In such a situation, try to keep the relationship secret at first and when it is official, then both of them do not have problems with the occurrence of these things in the future.