Rules for using Internet for Children

Rules for using Internet for Children

Internet has become an important part in our life. In today’s time, we can do a lot of our work through the Internet and can easily get information about anything. Through the Internet, we are connected to social media. Social media has now become a medium that keeps people connected to distant places. The way the Internet has become important in our life, it is also impacting our child. In busy life, we immediately catch the children mobile to use the Internet. But whether they know how to use the Internet in the right way or whether they are going on the wrong path from the Internet, it is very important to consider all these things.

By the way, nowadays, everyone, big and small, is doing many things through the Internet and it is also a safe way. But the Internet is the only way that even children can misuse it. At the same time, during this period of lockdown, several reports have revealed that the search for ‘child porn’ has increased manifold. Therefore, when children use the Internet, it is also necessary that children use it properly. For this, parents should tell their children how they should use the Internet. We tell you in this article what rules of internet you should tell your children.

Set a time to run internet (Set a time to run internet)

It is not right to always give the phone to the children in a way, the children should give the phone to them when they need it. Set a time for children to use the Internet so that they can use the Internet at the same time. Many apps and platforms now come with ‘child filters’ or timers to encourage safe browsing habits. At the same time, if you hand over the phone in the hands of children, then set a time for them in the day and after that take the phone from them.

In today’s time, social media is a good and safe way to connect people with each other and get information, even children nowadays create social media accounts on the phone immediately. But you need to pay attention to their account. In such a situation, you can stay seated with them when they go online on social media. Additionally you can protect them from hacking or incidents of potential violations.

Try to keep away from porn sites (Try to stay away from porn sites)

Children often visit such sites only after following each other’s suggestions, while you should prevent your children from visiting these sites and tell them not to visit any of the wrong sites. Also, when your children use the Internet, you should stay with them, so that they stay away from porn sites.

Usually children do not know about things like sensitive information, due to which they like to post whatever they like on social media. But you should tell them that it is never right to post private, sensitive information online. Give your children sensitive information such as the address, the place where they live, the school they attend or other personal information online, which can also put your family life at risk.