Eat These 5 Foods Everyday to secure from Cancer and Heart Diseases

Eat These 5 Foods Everyday to secure from Cancer and Heart Diseases

Your catering needs to be better in order to protect yourself from summer-related illnesses. For this, there are some things besides fresh vegetables and fruits from the market that you can save yourself from diseases. In your diet, the presence of proteins, vitamins, zinc, magnesium, minerals, besides beta carotene etc. is essential. They correct the damages part of your body and make the whole body strong. Today, we are telling you about some foods that your body will be able to fight easily with diseases in this hot summer. Your immune system will increase.


Legumes are full of nutrients. There are lots of fibers in it. It gradually digested your body, its effect on blood sugar. Many studies show that colon cancer can also reduce the risk of other cancers along with cancer.


Onions are considered very good for summer. This protects against heat stroke. This saves the risk of colon cancer. Onions contain such nutrients which have the ability to eliminate cancer cells. It contains the properties of antioxidants which increase the immunity of disease. Apart from this, the properties of anti-inflammation reduce the inflammation of the body.

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The seeds contain high amounts of proteins. It also caters to minerals. Omega-3 is found in abundance in the seeds of flex, chia etc. Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, and pumpkin seeds come with calcium, iron and zinc. Flex and sesame seeds have the properties of reducing the risk of cancer.


Mushroom contains anti-oxidant Bhurpur. The most important of these is ergothioneine, which is helpful in reducing symptoms of aging and decreasing weight. The elements present in the mushroom increase disease resistance. It does not cause diseases such as colds and colds. In the mushroom, the salineum improves the response of the immune system. Mushroom Vitamin D is also a very good medium. This vitamin is very important for the strengthening of the bones. Regularly eating 20% ​​of our requirement of vitamin D is available when we eat mushrooms.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables do not contain any nutrients that are not present. It can eat as much as you can. In addition to protein, there is a large amount of calcium, folate and antioxidants. According to the season, you can take vegetables from the market and eat it. Before consuming vegetables, keep in mind that you should wash it well and cook it. Some vegetables give more nutrition than boiling, while there are some vegetables that are eaten raw.