Does tomato eat stones Know what the truth is

Does tomato eat stones? Know what the truth is

Most people believe that eating more tomatoes leads to stone. The reason behind such assumption is that tomato seeds People believe that it is not good for the kidneys between tomatoes and eating them becomes kidney stone. But do doctors believe this too? No, physicians have different opinions in this context. Tomatoes are used in every season and in every home. Adding tomatoes in vegetable, salad, chutney, lentil, sauce and many tasty mines increases their taste. In such a case, if you have left tomatoes from fear of stones, then know the truth.

Does Tomato Eat Kidney Stones

If doctors believe, there is no relation to eating tomato for kidney stones. Tomato is one of the world’s most consumed vegetables. If eating tomatoes was kidney stones, then the world’s most patients are of kidney stone.

Why do people believe that

Tomatoes are oxalized and oxalate is the only element that is responsible for kidney stones. That is why people believe that eating tomatoes is a risk to kidney stone. According to physicians, tomatoes are oxalized, but in very small quantities. Only about 5 milligrams of approximate oil is found in 100 grams tomatoes. Even those who have problems with kidney stone, they also ask the doctor to eat less tomatoes, but not to completely shut down.

Does changing diets reduce the risk of kidney stones?

No, if you change your diet, then it does not reduce the risk of kidney stone, because it is not necessary that the cause of kidney stones is oxalate. It can also be due to many other crystals. Kidney stones are usually due to calcium oxalate, but sometimes it is due to uric acid crystals, strawberry stone, cystin stone etc. Therefore, it is wrong to accept the responsible tomatoes of kidney stones.

Many essential elements meet tomatoes

Tomato is a good source of vitamin C as well as a good source of organic sodium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sulfur. The glutathione present in tomatoes increases the immunity of the body and protects the body from prostate cancer.

Use these Precautions During Tomatoes to be used

Tomato in general does not threaten you with any type of disease. Yes, if you are fond of tomatoes and consuming it in very high quantities, then use it by removing its seeds. Apart from this, if you have already had problems of calculus or have anticipated very small stones in ultrasound, then you should reduce consumption of tomatoes, brinjal and chillies. You can take out the seeds and use tomato in a small quantity. Apart from this, many people use stone socks to make tomato sauce. Do not use stone cobs to grind any spices, chutney, fruit or vegetable. This increases the risk of stones being manifold many times.