What is anemia

What is Anemia?

There is anemia disease due to lack of folic acid, iron and vitamin-B12 in the body. In this disease the level of red blood cells from the body becomes less than normal. The biggest cause of anemia is the lack of blood in the body. Due to anemia, the patient always feels tired, thereby affecting the functionality. In anemia, the patient is advised to take as much iron food as possible. This can reduce blood loss quickly. Increasing children, lactating women and people with sickness are more prone to anemia.

Symptoms of Anemia

In the beginning, there is no special symptom when there is a lack of blood in the body, but as the decrease in this decrease, its symptoms also begin to grow. Feeling weakness and fatigue, dizziness, blindness in front of eyes when the lighthouse rises. Having headache, beating heartbeat or abnormal, skin and nails yellowish Hands and feet are cold, eyes become yellowish, breathless, chest pain, women in menstruation short.


Through diagnosis of anemia, it can be completely eliminated. Just need to pay attention to your diet Include your dinner green leafy vegetables. Let’s learn how to get rid of anemia besides these.

  1. Along with the iron in the food, prefer vitamin c as it helps in absorbing iron in the body. So eat Amla-Mudini chutney. Do not forget to put lemon juice on greens or salads.

  2. Regularly drink orange juice. Include eggs and toast in breakfast.

  3. Take roasted gram and jaggery in snakes; it makes haemoglobin in the body. Must use jugs.

  4. If you have a healthy snack full of dry feet iron, you can also eat it.

  5. Stay away from tea, coffee and cold drinks, because eating them reduces iron in the body. They contain substances called tannin which prevent the body from absorbing iron.

  6. The body needs folate to make new blood cells. This folate meets us with green vegetables, unpelled rice, whole grains, nuts and grapes.

Green vegetables made in iron utensils contain more iron, which is very beneficial for our body.