Types of Cancer & Their Symptoms

Types of Cancer & Their Symptoms

Cancer is a deadly disease that can cause death to the patient gradually after several years of harm. In today’s time, cancer is a very serious disease, but if it is treated on time, the patient’s life can also be saved. Many such people have come across the world who are living their lives by winning their battle with cancer. It is not necessary that there is no cure for cancer, but yes it is definitely that after coming to the last stage, the treatment of the patient becomes a bit difficult. But if the patient is able to recognize the symptoms in the initial stage then his life can also be saved with the help of the right treatment.

Even today everyone goes into an environment of fear with hearing the name of cancer, you all know how dangerous cancer is and how much it hurts the patient over time. Perhaps you are also surprised to know that cancer is one disease but there are many types of it. Let me tell you that there are more than 100 types of cancer worldwide and all are life-threatening and dangerous too. Cancer treatment is possible only when it is treated at the right time and to get treatment it is necessary that you identify it at the right time. We tell you through this article what are the types of cancer and what are their symptoms for all of them. So that you can identify them immediately and get them treated at the right time.

Breast cancer

Nowadays most of the women are suffering from breast cancer ie breast cancer and for women this disease has become a serious disease. Breast cancer is treated very quickly and easily, but if it is delayed in treatment, it can lead the patient to death. Let us tell you that one out of every 8 women in India is a victim of this disease. According to a report, in the year 2018, about 1,62,468 breast cancer cases have been reported, of which around 87,090 women died due to breast cancer alone.

Breast cancer causes irregular lifestyle and irregular diet, which increases the risk of breast cancer. Food is considered to be the biggest reason behind level cancer. In breast cancer, lumps are formed in the breast of women and pain starts in those lumps. Its symptoms are very difficult to detect. But it is treated fairly easily, there are four stages of breast cancer. If it is known on the first stage then the chances of recovery are 80 percent. At the same time, in the second stage, this probability is 60 percent. But in the third and fourth stages, the chances of getting cured by the treatment of this cancer are negligible.

Skin cancer

Nowadays cases of skin cancer are also coming up very fast like a common disease. Skin cancer is caused by being in very strong sunlight for a long time, not taking the right diet and not exercising. This cancer can happen to anyone of any age. Millions of people fall prey to skin cancer every year. So if you want to avoid skin cancer, then you have to protect yourself from strong sun and pollution.

Throat cancer

Throat cancer is one of those cancers that take the patient straight to the mouth of death, along with whoever suffers from it, they have to face a lot of problems throughout their life. Throat cancer is spreading rapidly among people. According to a research, 57 percent of cancer cases occur in Asia and of this, around 4 lakh cases of throat cancer occur in India alone. Often, anyone realizes that only those who consume things like tobacco are at risk, but you must be surprised to know that throat cancer is making them a victim of those who stay away from tobacco and smoking. . There are many changes in the patient’s body to identify throat cancer, which you can identify and treat. Symptoms of throat cancer are: Changes in voice, difficulty swallowing food, swelling in the mouth and bleeding from the mouth. In many cases, lumps are also formed in the throat.

Lungs cancer

Lung cancer is considered much more dangerous and fatal. In India too, cases of lung cancer are increasing rapidly. The victims of this cancer are mostly men. There are many causes of lung cancer among which cigarette and tobacco consumption are the most common. Cigarette smoke greatly increases the risk of lung cancer. Researches have revealed that if a person smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, then the risk of lung cancer increases by 20 to 25 percent. With this, the diagnosis of lung cancer is found only at the last stage. Symptoms are: trouble breathing, difficulty speaking, coughing continuously, mild swelling of face and neck.

Blood cancer Blood cancer is also a kind of common cancer, but not as much as skin cancer. Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer that occurs due to cancer of the blood cells. Cells within the bone marrow give rise to red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that can sometimes be carcinogenic leading to a cancer called leukaemia. People who have leukaemia.