Top 4 Benefits of Coconut Water You Need To Know

Top 4 Benefits of Coconut Water You Need To Know

Coconut water, a fresh drink which is a liquid product directly from young coconuts, has many benefits.

Coconut water is a drink that is quite popular in the tropics. In tropical countries like Indonesia, we often find this on the coast. Coconut water has a taste that is difficult to describe but is almost liked by everyone.

Who doesn’t like it?

Coconut water has 95% water, 4% carbohydrates, also 1% protein and fat. Coconut water contains vitamins and minerals that are good for health. It’s an excellent time to maintain our health during this global pandemic. As we all know, many healthcare companies are fighting right now.

Today, you definitely won’t find it hard to get the coconut water—lots of bottled coconut water that you can buy at the convenience store nearby.

However, pure coconut water that is shipped directly from young coconuts is still the best.

Anyway, we’ve summarized what happens to your body if you consume coconut water. Here it is!

1. Relieve thirst, say goodbye to dehydration

One is for sure; coconut water can clear dehydration. As a powerful thirst remover, coconut water can replace minerals and fluids lost from the body, especially when exercising.

So, if you are tired of exercising, you can drink coconut water right away. The balance of electrolytes and plasma in coconut water in some studies describe almost the same as blood so that it can replace lost body ions.

2. More youthful because coconut water prevents premature aging

You might find out, who knows, that coconut water can help to prevent premature aging. For you who begin to feel there are signs of wrinkles, who are senile, you should try to drink coconut water regularly.

The content of lauric acid and cytokines has a significant role in anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic properties, which help to minimize skin aging, balance PH levels, and maintain skin tissue.

3. Healthier skin, away from acne

In connection with the previous point, coconut water is also useful in skin health care. If your face tends to get pimples, you can try rubbing coconut water on your face and then leave it overnight.

Coconut water has vitamin E, which is good for facial skin and can even apply to hands and nails.

4. Lose Your Weight

Thanks for coconut water, you can lose weight by consuming it!

Study proof that coconut water can help you lose your weight because you don’t have any artificial chemical compounds. Coconut water makes the stomach feel full, which can delay hunger.

Coconut water is a natural isotonic, low in carbohydrates, and contains natural sugars. Coconut water also has high minerals and fiber and is low in calories and cholesterol.

Final Thought

So many benefits of coconut water make this drink safe for consumption every day with a sufficient dose. Specifically for adults.

If you intend to make yourself healthy using coconut water, you can consume 1-2 glasses of coconut water in the morning or afternoon. You should not drink it at night before going to sleep because the body quickly absorbs the liquid, so it is feared it will cause glucose buildup.

That’s all. Please stay safe and healthy!