Top 10 Ayurveda Tips for Healthy Digestive System

Top 10 Ayurveda Tips for Healthy Digestive System

Digestive action is one of the most important parts of our body. It digests the food we eat in our body and gives us energy. A healthy digestive system carries the maximum nutrients from each and every part of the body to digest it. But we all have experienced the bad digestive system at some point of time. We have such an experience with the imbalance of good and bad bacteria inside the digestive tract. This equilibrium is worsened by sleep, medicines, excessive amount of sweeteners and consumption of alcohol.

In Ayurveda the digestive system is considered to be like fire. The digestive system is considered as the energy source of the body. Every power produced in the body is used only by this digestive system. Dr Pramod Bajpai of Swami Parmandan Natyavikalaya, Delhi, has been telling the 10 tips to keep the digestive system accurate and healthy.

Eat with healthy and concentrated

In today’s life style, every human being thinks of doing a lot of work together and this problem starts. Ayurveda always suggests eating and concentrating because doing this gives our brain the right information about our food. Light, plain food, fertile food and sattvic food are the most helpful in keeping your fire energetic.

Dieting from fire-fighting substances

Bad liquids can scare your fire. High intake of liquids such as cold drinks etc. can make your digestive system unbalanced. More sleep, more food also puts the existence of your fire in trouble.

Improving your fire

We can improve our fire in advance so that they give better results. Light sitting before eating is a simple and beneficial suggestion to improve your fire. Drinking 2 glasses of water in the morning will also keep your digestive system at extreme limits.

Consuming foods with more properties

Eating a diet of quality food in daily routine can improve your digestive system. Having adequate vegetables and fruits in your diet is essential for your digestive system. Such a diet can save you from diseases occurring in the test.

Eat at the same time every day

This habit is difficult to adopt, but the benefits of this habit are a lot. Everyday food at the same time increases your productivity by placing your digestive system on the peak.

Exercise is Important

Working and sitting at a single place for a long time lowers your body’s digestive tract. Ayurveda always advises doing the right type of work so that your digestive system and body both remain the highest.

Fresh air and some Aasans

As the fire is needed to burn the fire, in the same way, fresh air is needed to maintain the fire of your digestive system. You can experience the fresh hav of walking in the morning or on hiking in nature.

To Concentrate

Focusing on keeping your anxieties and stress away will probably be a better solution. Meditation with only 5 minutes concentration every day can give you numerous benefits.

Take Water in the right amount

Drinking water in the right amount daily is the most beneficial for your digestive system. Water not only maintains balance in the bacteria present in the digestive tract, but it is helpful in reaching the nutrients received from food throughout the body.


Ayurveda also recommends digestion of the digestive system to be cleaned by poisoning. The detoxification can be different for every human being. With detoxification action you can start your fire again in a powerful way. With detoxification, you can repair your inner system and convey it to its highest productivity. The detoxification action is extended from the consumption of fruit juice to pancakemotherapy.

The fire inside the digestive system keeps every person full of energy and energy. Maintaining balance in the digestive system promotes a healthy and long life. That is why everyone needs to maintain the integrity of their digestive system.