Most Important Exercises for Office Desk Workers

Most Important Exercises for Office Desk Workers

By adopting some rules, you can keep yourself healthy despite the job you have been sitting throughout the day. But these rules will have to be done seriously.

Fitness tips for Sitting People

Today, our mechanical and unnatural lifestyles have given birth to new psychological and physical diseases, whose modern medicine has no permanent solution. However, by adopting certain rules, you can keep yourself healthy even when you sit around the job. So let’s know what these tips are.


If we make the structure of our chair in such a way that it may be possible to sit on the Padmasan or Siddhasan, then it can be avoided by getting out of the stomach, citis, waist pain, varicose veins, obesity, fatigue and many other stomach diseases.

Microscopic Exercise

If there is no cervical spondylitis, turn the neck ten times in the direction of the clock needle and so often in the opposite direction. Turn the shoulder in ten directions ten or ten times. Occasionally practice butterfly asana. Rotate the ankles sitting on the chair in both directions.

Give Rest to Eyes

While working on a computer all day, your eyes are not only tired, but also dry. So sit in comfortable posture for 10 minutes and close your eyes.

Take Healthy Snacks

If you are hungry in office, it is better to eat junk food or samosas kachoris, eat healthy snacks. Prepare a snack at home, which is delicious as well as delicious. Pack them in the office and do not sit in the same position for a long time on the office. If you do not feel like getting up, you can sit straight and sit straight on the chair. Stretching of hands and feet will help you overcome the stress.

Do not eat food on seat

If you eat food on your table, you cannot pay attention to your food, and eat food while listening to phone, e-mail or doing some other work. So you will eat more than the food needs. So eat only after going to the canteen.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Use the elevators of lift in the office, using stairs will make your body workout and blood circulation will be fine. So avoid going to the lift elevator anywhere in the office. Use of stairs is also beneficial in terms of health.

Make Rules

To be healthy in the office, it is necessary to schedule regular schedule. Do the same thing every day, do not discard your work for the second day. Avoid working till late night, exercise regularly and yoga. Take care of catering too.