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Is Liposuction a Good Way to Loose Belly Fat?

Losing weight is nothing less than an accomplishment. Everybody wants to lose weight, stay fit, have a flaunting body, but due to lack of commitment and self-control, people mostly fail to do so. That does not mean that all have the same problem; some committed people go through several exercise Losing weight issues and healthy diets to achieve their desired body shape. They work hard in the gym and treadmills, sweating for hours for several months, and sacrificing their favorite foods to gain the perfect body figure. After putting so much effort, they get what they want. Losing weight is a sensible step towards a healthier life. It keeps you light and active to work efficiently without tiring down.

There are many techniques to lose fat, especially belly fat, such as Running, Gymming, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga, and they are enough to lose weight. Still, many try to use a cheat code by implying plastic surgery methods over their body to get the desired body shape and averting themselves from hard work. If this is your plan to lose weight and get thinner, you might need to review it because this will not help you.

Many people have this misconception that Liposuction (a type of plastic surgery that removes excess fat from your belly area, hips, thighs, arms, and below the chin) will make them thinner without sweating out in the field. The reality is Liposuction will make you lose about two to five pounds in total and that too if you come under a healthy weight range. Liposuction is not a weight-loss method, because Liposuction only targets subcutaneous fat (a type of fat below the skin but above the muscle). The stomach that expands due to

visceral or intra-abdominal fat below the muscle and throughout the internal organs cannot be fixed with Liposuction. The way to reduce this fat is proper exercise and a healthy diet. Also, if you are taking this surgery, then you must commit to yourself that after this healthy lifestyle should only be the priority.

Generally, this surgery is recommended to those who have already lost weight and want to remove remaining excess skin and fatty tissue. There are places for you to go for a checkup and look for surgery with proper medical care. Various types of plastic surgery procedures are needed after losing a significant amount of weight depending upon the patient’s condition. Patients can go through several procedures after weight loss. They are tummy tuck to remove excess skin and tissue, breast surgery to eliminate sagging, facial rejuvenation, arm-lifts or thigh-lifts to remove excess or sagging skin.

But it is always better to follow the proper diet plan and exercise regularly. Healthy eating will prevent you from gaining unsaturated fats and other health problems such as high blood pressure heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It does not matter whether you are taking any treatment or not; you should always work for a better lifestyle. Several factors, such as diet, exercise, and metabolism, can contribute to your aspired result and fat loss management.

Having belly fat is natural; even people with abs have some belly fat. But you should be worrying about the fat under your muscles, around organs such as lungs, heart, and kidney. This visceral or intra-abdominal fat is dangerous, and only proper exercise and a healthy diet can eliminate it. The body requires some amount of visceral fat to provide cushioning around organs, but it causes some severe health issues if it starts increasing.

Let’s discuss how you can comfortably beat the belly fat and achieve the shape you always wanted. The following are the four key factors to control belly fat: exercise, diet, sleep, and stress management.

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1. Exercise: No fat can withstand substantial activity. It will trim all your fat, including visceral fat. Workout at least for half an hour regularly for at least five days a week. Walk as much as you can until you breathe harder and your heart rate beats faster than usual, it will help you lose fat much quicker.

You can always speed up to get faster results almost in half time, add jogging or walking in your routine. You can do it for a minimum of 20 minutes and twice a day and four days a week and take proper rest.

If you are already fit, then add jogging and brisk walking in your daily exercise routine. You can do this on an inclined treadmill, or you can jog on the roads and parks. Vigorous Cycling will also do the job.

You don’t need to only go to the gym to workout. You can do it by playing several outdoor sports such as football, basketball, lawn tennis, etc. it will help you increase your heart rate and slow down the visceral fat.

2. Diet: It does not matter how much exercise or hard workout you do in the gym if you don’t maintain your daily routine diet. Because eventually, your result will be zero. Nutrition plays a vital role in whether you are trying to lose fat or gain muscle. Belly fat goes first whenever you lose weight with a diet.

Always measure your intake in terms of calories, fiber, carbohydrates, and protein. Fiber slows down the build-up of visceral fat. Research shows that 10 grams of soluble fiber per day make less visceral fat. Increasing protein intake also helps in reducing belly fat.

Some good sources of fiber foods are oatmeal, and beans, and fruits are apples, citrus fruits, and pears. And for high protein, you can have eggs, lean meats such as beef and lamb, seafood such as fish, prawns, lobsters, and dairy products such as milk, cottage cheese, and greek yogurt.

3. Sleep: Getting enough sleep also works. Research shows that having a proper rest of 6 to 7 hours a night builds less visceral fat in a longer run than naps for less time or sleeps more than 8 hours a day.

Lack of sleep causes changes to appetite and hunger hormones that are ghrelin (a hormone that signals the brain you are hungry) and leptin (hormones that indicate you are full). If you do not take enough sleep, your body releases more ghrelin and less leptin, making you eat more, and prevent you from getting leaner.

4. Stress: The one thing that is constant with everyone is stress. All of us have it. What matters is how you handle it. Stress also has some contribution to your fat. You should try more relaxing methods such as spending time with friends and family, going out, having fun, etc.

We aim to make aware of how you can overcome your belly fat problems and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you can do only one thing from all of the above, exercise will be the best thing because it will make you follow a proper diet and reduce stress. And it is a much better option than going for plastic surgery. Another big reason to opt for a healthy lifestyle is some plastic surgery is irreversible, and it can permanently affect your life in many aspects. Thus it is always better to consult your doctor or practitioner before you make any decisions.