Exercising for Over 90 Minutes a Day can worsen Your Health

Exercising for Over 90 Minutes a Day can worsen Your Health

Exercise is very important for body’s attractive fitness and health. But some people are so worried about fitness and looks, that they start exercising more than they need. Exercising more than the body’s ability affects not only the body but also the mind. A recent research in the US has found that exercising more than 90 minutes can be dangerous at times.

Exercise should be done in the Week

Usually, how many days and how much time you should exercise in the week, it depends on your physical ability. But people with average weight should work 4-5 days a week. From this, the pressure on your muscles during the exercise is released in 2-3 days and the muscles get relief. If you are too obese, then exercise yourself according to your body’s capacity.

You can do jogging or walking on the day you are not exercising. Apart from this, yoga and pranayama are also a better option.

Do not do more than 90 consecutive minutes

If you have strength in your body, then definitely you can exercise for a long time, but according to body science, you should not exercise more than 90 minutes in a row. If you are willing to work more then take a break of 15-20 minutes after 90 minutes and then exercise. Note that drinking water between the workouts must be sure to drink.

Impact of Your Mental Health

Excessive sweating in the gym may not affect your body, but your mental health can definitely worsen. According to research, exercise for a longer time can worsen mental health, which reduces the ability to think, understand and make opinions. The report says that this is particularly fatal for women. Women who spend time in the gym more slowly to look slim, their mental balance can stumble at any age and their power to think and understand may be impaired.

Erythmia can have prey

The risk of other cardiovascular diseases, including arthritis, can increase in people who are not trained for running or training other than supervising good trainers. Researchers believe that athletes should spend only one hour of intense training every day. But if they are doing the Light Exercise, then this session can be made a little too long. Apart from this, they should also keep checking their heart regularly. Exercise too much is not good for our heart health. You can get maximum benefits by exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day.