Dangers of Sleeping on Stomach for Babies and Best Sleeping Position

Dangers of Sleeping on Stomach for Babies and Best Sleeping Position

Babies care is not easy. The body of the infant is fragile and the capabilities of the body are not fully developed, so sometimes some things can prove fatal to the infant. Gold position has a profound effect on health, whether it is an adult or a young child. There are some positions of gold which can be dangerous for babies. There is a similar position, the baby’s stomach sleep. If your baby sleeps on the stomach too, then note that this can be dangerous or deadly several times. Let’s tell you what the dangers of sleeping on the banks of the stomach of infants.

Should babies sleep on the stomach?

Usually, you sleep on the back of the baby, but many times the infant recovers and goes to sleep on the stomach. If you think that he has done this for the rest of the body and should give it to sleep like this then you are wrong. Experts believe that babies should always be restored by the back. Sleeping on the stomach can be fine for some older children and adults, but for these infants, this position is dangerous. There are many dangers of sleeping on the stomach of infants.

When the baby likes to sleep on the stomach?

From the beginning of infants should be used in the habit of sleeping on the back. If the infant recovers for its convenience and sleeps on the stomach, you should not allow it to do so and straighten back to the back. In the beginning, due to inconvenience to the infant several times she can cry, but still you should make it a habit of sleeping like this.

What are the dangers of sleeping on the stomach of infants?

Babies have a small body and their bones and muscles are not so strong that they can quickly change their sleeping position. In such a case, if a child sleeps on the stomach, then it can be the following danger.

Not getting enough oxygen

It is not safe to belittle the child. This puts pressure on the child’s jaw and makes breathing difficult. As well as having a mouth near the mattress, he starts taking the air near him. Thereby, the child may be suffocated. While breathing, germs can also be passed in the child.

SIDS Symptoms of Syndrome Danger

The new born is small and cannot tell you about any of your problems in any way. Sometimes the baby does not get enough oxygen while sleeping incorrectly and the child suffers from suffocation. Due to which there may be a serious problem or the death of the baby. It is the same as SIDS. That is called the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS There is a great reason for the infant’s unnatural and unbearable deaths, so it is necessary to bring the baby to the correct Poshter.

What is the best position of sleep for babies?

You may have seen that some babies sleep directly on the back and sleep by sleeping (chit) by leaving both hands loose or on the stomach. This is the best and ideal physical condition of the baby’s sleep. Generally sleeping babies are well-off. By sleeping like this you can imagine that neither they have any problems nor any mental anxiety. Such a child develops rapidly while sleeping at night. You can give a child older than 6-8 months in the position of your favorite position, because till then the capacity of the baby develops so much that if it is inconvenience, then it can change its sleeping position itself.