Daily Habits That Cause Sciatica

Daily Habits That Cause Sciatica

Sciatica is a medical condition that arises due to inflammation or any discomfort in the Sciatica vein. The most common sign of Sciatica is severe back pain. This pain will continue to bother you, but some people consider it a normal pain. The condition may worsen if the treatment remains prolonged. Although there may be several reasons behind Sciatica pain, triggering pain in the cytoplasm. Most of them are lifestyle habits, which pose a threat to your health. Therefore, attention should be paid to these so that you do not fall prey to Sciatica. Here we are telling you 5 habits, which can trigger the pain of Sciatica.

Wear tight clothes

Nowadays it is a fashion to wear tight jeans to give a toned look to your look, but doing so daily poses a threat to your health. In addition, perfectly fit flattened or tight clothing is a concern because it shrinks the muscles, which can irritate the sciatic nerve. It is suggested that you avoid wearing tight pants and undergarments regularly.

Your ads are directly related to your back. The wrong selection of footwear can put you in trouble. Rough shoes or high heels are both possible triggers of Sciatica. Since shoes provide structure to the body, wearing the wrong shoes for a long time can cause a stretch in the sciatic nerve on your back.

Keep phone and purse in back pocket

If you too have a habit of keeping your phone and wallet in the back pocket, stop doing so. Because when you sit with all these things in your pocket, it can irritate the piriformis issues and you can also get piriformis syndrome. Below this is located the cytic nerve, which can also be suppressed by it. It is also called wallet or back pocket Sciatica.

Sitting too much

Prolonged sitting is also considered a possible cause of Sciatica. A sedentary lifestyle is bad for you anyway as it can bring many health problems in your life including muscle tension. You should not sit for more than 2-3 hours continuously as it can emphasize your muscles and the nerve below it. Find an excuse to stand up and walk so that you can get enough rest for the muscles. Either way, staying active is good for your health.

Stress and over stress Stress can also harm you. Yes, stress or over stress cause tension in your nerves, which can also trigger cytoplasm. Mental health experts suggest that pain is also caused by emotions. People who remain under extreme stress for a long time suffer from various types of pain including headaches and back pain. They also include Sciatica pain.