Bowel Cancer

A type of bacteria living in intestines, which we also call gut bacteria, can also be the cause of bowel cancer. According to recent research, people with a certain type of bacteria in the intestine may be at greater risk of developing bowel cancer. The intestinal microbiome is a collectionContinue Reading

It is often said that 75 percent of the human body is made up of water and to keep the body healthy it is very important to maintain that part. Drinking at least 8 to 9 glasses of water a day is considered essential for a healthy body. Doctors areContinue Reading

Every parent will know just how nerve-racking it can be to take their child to a children’s dentist. Even though a general dentist has full training to tackle the problems related to children’s teeth, some parents also decide to receive dental care for their children from a pediodontist rather thanContinue Reading

If you are an asthma patient, then you know how difficult it is for you to breathe during cold weather or monsoon. However, weather conditions are not only such things but also pollution and dust that can trigger your asthma. If you want to protect yourself from the next asthmaContinue Reading

7 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

During a heart attack, the supply of blood, which normally nourishes the heart with oxygen, is cut and the heart muscle starts to die. Heart attacks, also called myocardial infarction. Some people who have a heart attack, their chest pain, upper body aches, sweating, dizziness, fatigue, signs of difficulty inContinue Reading