Antibacteria Soaps is more harmfull than Normal Soaps

Antibacteria Soaps is more harmfull than Normal Soaps

We always think that to stay clean and healthy, buy good soaps. But is it necessary that the soaps which contain antibacteria are healthy for us? You will be surprised to hear that antibacterial soaps are very harmful for our health. They harm us much more than normal soaps. Which can prove very dangerous for our health.

If the soap label says that it is antibacterial soap, then we understand that it is a soap that is successful in killing germs and it will help keep us healthy. Experts say that all soaps are disinfectant. All soaps can kill germs. So what distinguishes these antibacteria soaps is that which is not in soaps.

Apart from this, if soap has high amount of disinfectant chemical then it is more harmful for us. Taking this seriously, experts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have predicted more danger and more harm in such soaps. According to the FDA, these soaps contain a lot of chemical which can prove to be harmful for us.

According to the study, the chemical present in these antibacterial soap acts as an endocrine disruptor in your body, ie these chemicals inhibit our body’s hormones to function. Which causes troubles. This study was done on mice, so there is no clear evidence on humans.

You should use normal soap instead of antibacterial soap which does not cause any harm to your body. Because normal soap does not contain any kind of antibacterial chemical, there is no risk in our body.

Recently the Food Drugs Association, which determines the quality of medicines, has sought clarification from companies questioning the quality of antibacterial soaps as to what makes them better than normal soaps. This question has arisen because according to the report of the American Medical Association, there are more disadvantages than advantages of antibacterial soap.

According to this report, they make the bacteria more powerful due to which the germs attack the body with double preparation. This report gives information related to many such research, in which chemicals such as trichlogen or tricarbons present in antibacterial products are present. Which can increase the risk of hormonal imbalance and cancer in the body.

We think that any kind of infection and bacteria can be avoided by using antibacterial soap. But the study has misconstrued this notion. The antibacterial soaps present in the market work in the same way as any ordinary soap.

The study found that triclogen took 9 hours and more to destroy bacteria. This was followed by a comparative study between ordinary soap and antibacterial soap. This makes it clear that both soaps give the same result for any infection related to bacteria and skin. That is, no soap kills bacteria during hand wash.