5 foods bring greasy natural tooth, gums are also strong

5 Foods bring Greasy Natural Tooth, Gums are also Strong

There are many types of products in the market that claim to make teeth beautiful and shiny, but they only cause damage to teeth. If our teeth are not clear, we start shaking even with smiles. It is possible only with the bright white and bright teeth of our face. Mouth or yellowing in the teeth is like a blot on your entire personality. Along with smoking, consumption of tobacco, your diet also contributes to dirty your teeth. There are many types of products in the market that claim to make teeth beautiful and shiny, but these only damage to teeth. In such a way, we should look at natural remedies to maintain the brightness of teeth.

The 5 foods we are about to tell you today not only increase the glow of your teeth but also eliminate the possibility of bacterial infection in them. So let’s know what are those foods.

  1. Apple: – Apple is a rich source of water and fiber that helps keep your teeth clean. Melic acid is found in apples which is helpful in the production of saliva. It works to eliminate harmful bacteria inside the mouth.

  2. Carrot: – Due to juice rich in carrots, there is sufficient amount of saliva in the mouth, which works to neutralize the enzymes that damage the upper layer of the teeth. It shows teeth whitening.

  3. Strawberry: – Strawberries are very beneficial for good health of teeth. It contains ascorbic acid, which is effective in making the teeth shine. Polyphenols are found in large quantities in strawberries, which prevent bacteria from growing in the mouth.

  4. Citrus fruits: – Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. They protect teeth from bacterial infections.

  5. Nuts: – Nuts help us a lot in removing pluck from teeth. Almonds, cashews, etc. also contribute to the cleaning of Essential Oils teeth in the nuts. In such a way, to make the teeth bright, then regularly eat nuts.