World Food Safety Day - 5 Food Safety Guidelines and Healthy Cooking Tips by WHO

World Food Safety Day – 5 Food Safety Guidelines and Healthy Cooking Tips by WHO

Today, on June 7, Sunday, we are celebrating the second World Food Safety Day 2020. It was started in 2019 by the United Nations and the World Health Organization. The purpose of celebrating this day is to tell people the importance of eating clean, safe and nutritious and spread awareness about it. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe eating can cause more than 200 types of diseases, ranging from diarrhea to cancer. Every year 600 million people worldwide, 1 out of every 10 people fall ill after eating bad food. Not only this, it is surprising that about 4 lakh 20 thousand people die every year in the world after eating bad food. Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to tell and follow the importance of eating clean and safe. WHO has issued a guideline for making clean and healthy food (WHO Food Safety Guidelines), 5 major things which we are telling you.

Tip 1 Take special care of cleanliness

According to the WHO, it is necessary to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water before cooking or touching anything in the food. Similarly, food like vegetables, chicken, meat, grains, etc. should also be prepared by cleaning them properly. Keep regular cleaning of the kitchen in the place where you cook, so that there will not be any kind of insect, makoda, rat, cockroach, fly, ant, etc. Clean the utensils of the cook and the utensils in which they are eating.

Tip 2 Keep raw and cooked food separately
Never take raw and cooked foods together. Keep raw food in a separate pot and always keep the cooked food in a separate pot. Especially it is very important to keep raw and cooked meat separately. When buying from the market, also bring them in separate packets or boxes, not together. Actually, in raw foods, bacteria start to develop very quickly, which will also spoil your cooked food. So it is very important to keep them separate.

Tip 3 Cook the food well

It is important to cook food always, especially meats, poultry, eggs and sea foods. By cooking the food properly, the bacteria and germs present in it are destroyed. It is very important to cook food to at least 70 ° C to destroy viruses and bacteria. While cooking food in the microwave, note that many types of plastic utensils release chemicals, so use the same plastic utensils that are microwave safe.

Tip 4 Keep the cooked and raw food at the right temperature

Any cooked food should not be kept at normal temperature for more than 2 hours. If you want to store for more than this, then keep the food in the refrigerator and keep the temperature below 5 ° C. Also keep in mind that when serving the food kept in the refrigerator again, eat it only by heating it to at least 60 ° C. Cooked food should not be stored in the refrigerator for too long. It should be finished in 7 10 hours. Bacteria in food always thrive above 5 ° C or below 60 ° C. So do not keep food in the middle temperature.

Tip 5 Use clean water and ingredients in cooking

Always use clean water for cooking and drinking. Always wash the ingredients used in cooking with clean water and keep it clean. Use pasteurized milk instead of raw milk. Do not use fruits and vegetables without rinsing them thoroughly. Do not eat any food after its expiry date. Do not store raw vegetables and fruits for the day. It is better to use them fresh.