Who is a Pediodontist? Here’s What You Should Know

Every parent will know just how nerve-racking it can be to take their child to a children’s dentist. Even though a general dentist has full training to tackle the problems related to children’s teeth, some parents also decide to receive dental care for their children from a pediodontist rather than a general dentist. You should understand that a pediodontist is someone who actually specializes in child dentistry, from infantry up to sixteen years of age. In addition to continuing education that they receive as dentists, a pediodontist actually receives two or three years of further training. They specialize further in child development, child psychology, emergency treatment, and managing behavior. They simply specialize in tackling dental problems that kids face. They also have the skills to work with mentally handicapped and physically disables kids.

What Makes a Good Perdiodontist?

When children have dental problems, a frequent question disturbs them. They wonder, “Who is a good pediodontist near me?” You need to understand that a periodontist is a specialist whose focus is to detect, prevent and treat dental issues. To maintain good habits, it is important for kids to learn proper oral hygiene. The sooner children learn how to brush and floss their teeth, the better their teeth would be in the end.

During visits, the role of a pediodontist is to ensure children feel comfortable. Sometimes, they may use procedures that children will find uncomfortable, but their job is to do everything they can to make sure your child remains at ease. Parents can also go into the examination room with their children. This would help to keep your child calm as well.

When Should You Take Your Child to a Pediodontist?

If little ones experience problems like gum inflammation, that’s when you should take them to a periodontist. They are dental experts who receive training in serious gum diseases problems, which could affect their overall health. They also deal with gum and soft tissue problems, including the problems that tag along with tartar, plaque, periodontitis, and gingivitis. Their treatment often includes prescribing some medications, deep cleaning, and thorough periodontal treatment. However, in some cases, if the disease is severe, they may perform surgery. Their job is to perform the following as well:

  • Remove tartar, plaque, gingivitis between the teeth and along the gum line
  • Extract teeth, if there’s no other solution
  • Interpret x-rays and oral exams
  • Perform tissue grafts and bone grafts if necessary

The Reasons to Choose a Pediodontist

It could be confusing for you to fix a dental appointment for your child at first. You may also wonder whether you need to take them a family dentist or a pediatric dentist. However, you should always consider a pediatric dentist, and for good reasons.

They Use Child-Friendly Dental Equipment

Even though using standard dental equipment is something normal, it’s a good thing to see pediatric dentists use smaller equipment that has designs perfect for the mouth of a child. In addition, a good pediatric dentist will use one equipment at a time, which will help to keep the child at ease. This also helps to reduce the fear of children from scary equipment. Throughout the appointment, they will remain calm.

Preventative Care is Their Main Focus

A pediatric dentist will also focus on preventing any kind of dental problems, to ensure they have a lifetime of good dental health. Pediodontists will also give the right advice related to your child’s teeth and develop the right oral habits. For example, consider flossing and brushing at least twice a day. Furthermore, a pediatric dentist will also have the latest details and information related to preventative treatments, such as the use of fluoride when brushing.

Maintain a Bright and Attractive Décor for Kids

A children’s dentist should also focus on smaller details, like the color of their office and the vibe it gives off. When choosing a dentist for your child, you should make sure the room is complete with games and toys in the waiting room. This is a great option because it will help your child to remain more at home, and at ease. Some dental offices also play special cartoons, which help to distract the child during the first consultation. The office should be colorful, with toys, stickers, and every other detail that will build the right level of comfort for the child during the appointment. Keep in mind that when your child sees the room having a positive vibe, they would feel at ease too.

Just make sure that before you choose a pediodontist near me, the specialist should be up to date with the latest changes in this field. They should have basic knowledge of simple and complex cases and come up with the best treatment plans. They have to be well informed and experienced. You should also feel free to ask them any questions you have in mind regarding the treatment options, sedation, or procedures like a root canal.