Use These 5 Tips to caring you Baby during Monsoon

Use These 5 Tips to caring you Baby during Monsoon

After the summer rainy season feels good to the mind, but this season brings many problems and diseases to the body. Especially in this season of infants, the health of the disease worsens so they have to take special care. In addition to the mosquito outbreaks, this danger increases the risk of many diseases spread through moisture and water. If you care properly of your baby, then during this season it can be kept completely healthy. Let us tell you what things you should take care of in the care of the baby in the rainy season.

How often does the baby shower?

Water can spread many kinds of diseases in the rainy season because most of the time water becomes bacterial. The immune system of the newborn is very rare, so their immune system can not easily protect them from these bacteria. Newborn babies are lying on the bed all day or most of the time, so they are not so cumbersome as long as you keep cleaning them properly. It is enough to take newborn infants 2-3 times a week. But many times during the monsoon, the heat also goes up too much. In such a situation, do not take the infant with normal water at least 1 time in 2 days.

Oily Massage for Baby in the Rainy Season

The nature of many oils is hot and they are sticky, so many times women are confused with the baby oil massage during the summer or rainy season. But let us tell you that massage of oil strengthens the baby’s organs, so do not regularly, if you do not have regular oil massage twice a week. But before massage, keep in mind that whatever oil you choose for massage, its cool is cool. If the heat is too high and there is no proper arrangement for cooling the room, then do not massage the oil because it will make the baby sweat more and it will feel warm.

Baby Clothes in Monsoon

There is often a difference between the temperature of the day and night temperature in monsoon. Therefore, wear the baby according to the temperature as it is. Light cotton cottons are fine when overheating. Also note that keep the entire arrangement for saving the baby from mosquitoes in the day. For this, first of all, wear the baby’s full sleeve dress and then use the quail, repellent or mosquito cream. The risk of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria increases significantly in this season.

Cautious with Water in the Rainy Season

There is risk of water borne diseases increases in the rainy season. Due to the flooding of roads or pipe eruption, sometimes the supply of water also becomes contaminated, so be careful about the use of water in this season. It would be good to boil water for the baby in this season and drinking water for the entire family. By boiling water once, the bacteria present in it die. After boiling, water becomes pure in terms of drinking. If you are R.O. Drink water, so the baby can drink it directly.

Baby’s Diet in the Rain

Children under 6 months should be fed mother’s milk only. If you are giving your baby milk, then you do not need to drink water separately as it gets enough water in the milk itself. If you go somewhere in the sun and the baby is sweating a lot, then you can drink water separately if needed. Instead of getting a water or tap water out in the open, place a bottle of boiled water and a small glass before going somewhere else. If the child drinks a sip water at a time, then it is enough for him. If your child is eating a solid diet, even during the journey, he should drink more liquid things.