Tuberculosis Symptoms in Men

Tuberculosis Symptoms in Men

Tuberculosis is more effective on men than women. Tuberculosis is caused by air spreading bacteria and men mostly remain outside. Men are facing every kind of environment outside the house. That is why men’s diet and their daily routine have more effect. Men consume excessive smoking and tobacco, and they are also more likely to get TB. TB is a dangerous disease, which can be fatal if untreated. Due to tuberculosis in men, the risk of disease is spreading.

Symptoms of tuberculosis in men

In men and women, the symptoms of tuberculosis are the same but women’s immune system is stronger than men, due to which they have less effect on TB or other disease. The following are the symptoms of TB in men:


TB is a lung disease and its initial symptoms are cough. Coughing continuously for two weeks or more, it is a symptom of tuberculosis. Initially, dry cough comes, but later on coughing starts to get blood in mucus. After more than two weeks of cough, should go to the health center to check for mucus. Men with chronic cough continue to develop other respiratory diseases.


Men who are infected with tuberculosis have a fever. A person has a fever always on infection with tuberculosis. Initially low-grade fever occurs, but later on the spread of infection increases the fever.

Get Tired

In TB, the man’s immune system is greatly reduced and his strength also starts to subside. The person is feeling tired even after doing a little and a little work when TB is more than normal days.

Weight Loss

In case of tuberculosis, the weight of man starts decreasing every day. Normal eating habits also reduce the weight of a man.


In case of tuberculosis, man sweats during sleep at night. Regardless of the weather (despite the tremendous chill), it comes to sweat faster at night.

Do Not Get Hungry

In case of tuberculosis, the interest of man’s food begins to end. When TB occurs, the person feels less hungry due to which the interest in eating becomes less.

Problem in Breathing

Tuberculosis leads to acute cough, which causes difficulty in breathing. Many times, due to excessive cough, the breath of the man starts flowing. On the basis of tuberculosis, other parts of the human body are also affected. Difficulty in body joints, bones, muscles and central nervous system.