Touching or Popping Pimples can lead to Skin Infection

Touching or Popping Pimples can lead to Skin Infection

The problem of pimples may be due to many reasons. Generally due to hormonal changes in adolescence, due to the reaction of beauty products or pollution etc., pimples may occur. People often make many mistakes when they have pimples on the face, which increase the risk of spreading the infection and increasing the pimples. Often, when people are pimples, they touch it repeatedly or it clears it to clean it, which is wrong. Let’s tell you why it is dangerous to touch or break the pumps repeatedly.

Do not touch pimples again and again

In fact, your psychology works behind the repeated touching of the pump. Often when there is a disorder in the body, then in the subconscious we are concerned about it. In spite of not paying attention, in such cases, the parts of our body reach the disorder. For example, touching repeatedly after peeping on the face, if something gets stuck in the tooth, repeatedly moving it in that part of the tongue or repeatedly damaged around that injury, etc. Touching the pimples repeatedly can be dangerous. Pimples are a type of infection of the skin. These pimples contain thousands of harmful bacteria. When you touch the pimples again and again, with the help of hands, these bacteria reach the other parts of the body and the pimples begin to spread.

Pimple split marks

If the pimple is cracked or crushed then it can get a spot on it. And, of course, those marks will look worse than a small pimple. Also, these marks will be even more permanent. Pimple stains are very difficult to erase. Many times people get different treatment for months to remove traces.

If there is no trace of pimple boiling or crushing, then the scalp will definitely freeze on it. This crust looks very cumbersome to see. Hiding this crust is more difficult than Pimple. Many times the blood gets nailed due to the nails in the crust.

May be infections

Pimple or bursting is at risk of getting infections. Actually touching or bursting, the harmful bacteria present in the hands and air enter the skin, where the bacteria can cause infections by increasing the number. Many times these infections can be so dangerous that your face needs surgery. Apart from this, the beauty of the face is poor due to the stains caused by the burning of the pump.

What to do if pain in pimples?

Sometimes due to the pimples the problem of pain is also severe. In this case, add coconut oil, antiseptic cream or basil and neem juice with light hands on it. They all have antibacterial properties. In addition, they also easily eliminate the pain and itching problem.<//p>