Tips to Prevent from Hypothermia, related to Body Temperature

Tips to Prevent from Hypothermia, related to Body Temperature

There is a risk of hypothermia due to lack of ability to keep body temperature balanced during the winter season. Most of it affects the new born and the children.

What is Hypothermia?

Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature decreases below 95 degrees or the ability to produce body heat decreases. In cold weather, the risk of hypothermia increases in old people and new borns. Due to old age, colds and colds due to increased age of diabetes, cold-cold medicines reduce the ability to prevent colds. He may have trouble breathing too. Therefore, there may be hyperthermia due to a slight decrease in temperature in the age and the new born.

Keep Body Temperature

It is very important to keep weather temperature according to the weather. Stay in the house for more cold and windy days, or keep the body warm with quilts. If you have to go out, wear warm clothes so that the body remains warm. Wear the cap, scarves and gloves on the way out Keep the temperature of the neonatal room at 20-30 degrees, but be careful that there is no suffocation in it.

User Woollen Clothes

Even during the winter season, not wearing tight woollen clothes, this can lead to blockage of blood flow. Rather wear many layers of loose clothes. It will remain closed in the heat layers. It is extremely important to wear a cap on the head, because the body has a lot of heat loss through the head. Keep the child wearing hat, gloves, and socks but keep your mouth open.

Give Mother’s Milk to Children

Keep in mind that medicines available on common shops can increase the risk of hypothermia. Some medicines can increase hypothermia. They include stress, depression, and fatigue medications. Medicines available at the cold winter shop can also cause problems. It is important for children to get regular immunization. Mother’s milk should be fed as much as possible. If mother has cold cough, mother should wear breastfeeding after wearing cloth on her face.

Keep Weight Balanced and Avoid Smoking

Take the necessary food to keep your weight balanced. If you do not take proper diet then fat will be reduced under the skin. This fat also helps keep the body warm. When the temperature drops, take a limited amount of alcohol. Alcohol consumption can also result in loss of body heat. Keep the child away from infected people. Avoid smoking around children.