These 7 Yoga Reduce Tension and Stress

These 7 Yoga Reduce Tension and Stress

Stress is believed to be the key factor in aging; stress causes insomnia, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, reduce the effect of aging by putting brakes on the Yoga practice.

Stress and Growing Age

Tension is one of the major factors that can increase age, due to stress, there is a problem of insomnia, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, by breaking the stress you can also reduce the effect of your aging age. Yoga is an ancient technique that encourages life to live completely through a combination of respiratory techniques and postures. It helps in removing stress.

How long?

If you have a shortage of time, then do not necessarily take 30 or 40 minutes for yoga. By just taking 10 minutes you can relieve the stress. According to a report published in the journal ‘Healing Moving Yoga’, you can make your day’s start tensionless and pleasant by using only 10 minutes in the morning. So why not take 10 minutes for everyday stress.

1. Do Balasan

It is also called child pose, it is considered as a very good posture that removes tension. During this posture, you will feel slight pain in your hips, thighs and ankles, and this seat will calm the mind and free you from stress and fatigue. The hair posture posture also relaxes the nervous system and effectively reduces the pain.

2. Brace Angle Posture

This asana stretches in the internal muscles of the body and provides energy to the body and removes fatigue. Sit straight on the ground and hold both the legs of the feet together with your both hands, hold the feet of the thumbs. Slowly exhale the breath in.

3. Setu Bandhasan

It is also called ‘Setu Mudra’, which helps in controlling the blood circulation. Cetu Bandhasan relaxes the mind, relaxes the mind and relaxes the mind. This posture removes stress and brakes on age.

4. Mergeri Posture

In this posture, the person’s body is shaped in the pussy of the cat, hence it is called Murjari i.e. cat asana. It calms the mind by improving blood circulation. This seat improves your respiration by removing stress. The best thing about this posture is that it gives comfort to tired muscles which is an effective way to get rid of pain. To do this, stand both the knees and palms, now keep both hands and feet straight, keep the head perfectly and look at the front. Now lift the chin and lift the head up and raise the head upwards. During this, stretch the body thoroughly.

5. West Latitude

This asana calms the brain and removes stress and relieves headache. To do this, sit on the legs, stretching the legs, putting the palms on the knees and lifting the hands upside down in the breath and straighten the waist upwards and pull upwards. Now lift the breath and lean forward and hold the forearm knees and kneel the forehead on the knees. Keep in mind that knees should not turn. Try to apply the elbows on the ground.

6. Downwards Schwannson

This asana enhances blood circulation in the brain and relieves headache and tension. To do this, stand the knees and then keep the hands on the floor. Now stretching the legs in V shape, giving all the body emphasis on hands. Drag the upper part of the body upwards, keeping the spinal cord straight. After being in this state for a minute, come to normal stage.

7. Respiration

This posture provides energy to the body by removing stress. To do this, lie down on the back. Leave all your limbs and muscles loose. Close the eyes and slowly deep-breathe in-out. Keep the body completely loose the more you keep the body loose, the more benefit you get. Spread the arms slightly apart from the body on both sides and leave them loose. In this posture, the state of the body becomes like a dead body. That is why it is called respiration.