The Definition of Health in the 21st Century

In earlier times, the definition of health was limited to the working of both mind and body in a proper condition. If a person had no disease or did not suffer from any pain, they were thought to be enjoying good health. However, in today’s times, health is much more than just being pain and disease-free. It is basically the unified state of wellbeing of not only the human body but soul and spirit as well. For a person to be considered as a healthy being, these aspects must function in absolute soundness.

There are many people who do not have any physical symptoms of any disease or pain but their time to leave this world is close. Studies show that a number of people have passed away without showing any symptoms of sickness. They were considered fine health-wise but suddenly died owing to health issues cropping out of nowhere.

One of the major mistakes people, in the past, have made is that they had mistaken healing for health. These two terms are completely different in nature. The use of the term ‘health’ instead of ‘healing’ has last for such a long time that people unconsciously deemed healing programs as health programs. Healing, as we all know, is the process of recovery after an illness. On the other hand, health, as stated above, is a combined state of wellbeing of body, soul, and mind. It also includes preventive measures that significantly reduce the chances of suffering from diseases.

A major aspect of health that was ignored in the past is fitness. To put in very simple terms, if a person isn’t fit, they aren’t healthy. Taking care of one’s health is quite different than taking care of fitness. For the latter, one has to walk an extra mile (to the gym, literally). Jokes aside, one does not necessarily have to go to the gym if they have set one at their own home or if they indulge in physical activity such as swimming or running.

Talking about fitness, it does not only cater to the body. Mental fitness is equally important. Particularly, in this age, when work has taken a toll on almost everyone’s mental health, paying attention to this aspect is quite important. Although mental health is still considered a taboo subject in some parts of the world, one should never shy away from openly discussing it. This way, not only it will encourage people to come forward with their issues and get them resolved, more people will start to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Coming to the main topic of this post i.e. the definition of health in today’s times, it is safe to say that fitness has now indispensable to health. Therefore, these are some of the practices one must follow if they want to enjoy good health:

  • Regular Exercise: Adjust your routine in such a way that there is time for regular exercise. You don’t necessarily have to visit the gym every day unless you plan on to become a bodybuilder. Hitting the gym three or four times a week is enough to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • Diet Matters: A healthy lifestyle is not possible if you aren’t paying attention to your eating and drinking habits. Every meal counts; thus, make sure you are only eating healthy food products, free from additives and chemicals, if you want to stay healthy. Stay away from alcohol, fast food, and cigarettes as these things severely affect one’s health adversely.
  • Physical Activity: Have at least one physical activity, apart from working out in the gym, for living a healthy life. For example, if you like to play a particular sport, take time out from your busy schedule to play it during the weekend. Or you can go for swimming, jogging, etc.

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